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Early Review

This is from an earlier review... http://www.progarchives.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=72316

GNX-3 First 500 Downloads free

The complete album GNX-3 is available for Free download. First 500 downloads free. This offer has been reached - Thanks for all your support.

GNX-3 Done

Thanks to everyone who has lent their support throughout the process. we are now happy to announce GNX-3 (the album) complete. Look for songs to be posted in the next few days first on RN. We can honestly say - It was worth the wait!. We hope you enjoy it. TRB

Dr. Justin Beaver @ Press Conference

Dr. J.B. "I'm not here to speculate on the reasons why the Singularity occured. I can confirm the ESO report that the anomoly is growing at an enormous rate from my own observations while at ISS. Based on the red tape I encountered trying to get to the singularity, I have resigned my post with the ISS and accepted Richard Raven's invitation to join his crew as an independent analyst. Reporter, "Your confirming that a classified report does exist on the last minutes before the Singularity erupted?" J.B., "Yes the report exists. I have read it. Upon reading it, I have done everything I could to try and find out how we can stop it." Reporter, "Didn't you accept a large check from Raven Enterprises to join the GNX-3 crew?" J.B., "Yes - I hope that I get to spend it"

Donald Blake @ Pre launch Press Conference

Pangaea News Corp Reporter " As the engineer and pilot of the experimental spacecraft, GNX-3, and the fact that the government's rescue mission blew up shortly after launch, how would you rate your chance of success? db "Although the speed of light drive has never been field tested before, I have complete confidence in the ship's ability to handle the strain when we engage the drive. Once we get to the Monster Black hole, and what we do then...well, if we make it back - then we've stopped the singularity from destroying our galaxy." Reporter " and how do you propose to stop the Singularity?" db "initial readings point to an inbalance of dark energy and dark matter around the event. How we create a harmonic balance will be based upon our field observations when we get there." Reporter " and your chance of success?" db " We're all prepared to die, but if we do nothing the chance of success is zero. So we're gonna try."

Richard Raven Rants @ Press Conference

Welcome back to Pangaea News. Renowned inventor and entrepreneur, Richard Raven has just announced that he is launching a private spacecraft, called GNX-3, tomorrow. We take you live to the press conference… Richard Raven, “… in the wake of the disastrous launch of the US-Norwegian spacecraft last week, which claimed the lives of 30 international astronauts. Raven Enterprise will launch a private spacecraft and hopefully reestablish contact with the exploration crew of the Baldor and further explore the mystery surrounding its Dark Matter experiments and the connection between their experiments and the establishment of a Universal Singularity that threatens us all.” Reporter Why is this mission under your control and not under the jurisdiction of the ISS? Richard Raven, …reply for mature audiences only...

The sign

Cage Titan is awol. Nick gets the sign .

Mission Overview

GNX-3 The Multi Media Event 2102 AD... GNX-3's maiden voyage... Philanthropist, Richard Raven, pulls an emergency mission together to rescue a deep space science crew whose dark matter experiment has ignited a monster black hole into galaxy swallowing action. Only Raven Industries faster than speed of light GNX-3 ship will get them to the center of the universe in time to prevent a massive contraction in space and time that may destroy the universe. Join the crew from Raven Enterprises on a progressive musical cinematic journey of rock, classical, and indie. The Raven Brothers combine music, video, and animation into a new multimedia comic book." GNX-3 Primary Computer - GNX-3 Data Log 1

Cast and Crew

Cast & Crew Myron Bell.......Dr. Justin (J.B.)Beaver John Veres........Cronus Titan Stephen Veres.....Crius Titan Nick Veres........Cage Titan Bo Smithson.......Tom Doniphan Thomas Branch.....LD/Stage Manager Larry Gilbert.....AD/Reporter Carolyn Baldwin...PA/Reporter WDP...............General Assist/Reporter V.................Richard Raven db................Donald Blake MM................Dir

Ship Computer Day 2

Richard Raven, Michael Mercury, and Tom Doniphan have been sucessfully sycned with ships computers. The countdown has begun ... 155 hours 57 minutes 32 seconds to launch