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Amityville Music Hall and update

We will be playing a full band show at Amityville Music Hall on Nov. 29th. We are also planning on getting an EP out to you soon.

st. paddy's & recording

We have a big weekend coming up playing st. patrick's day at lic bar and the way station the day after. Then at the end of the month we will be putting together new music for an ep. Hope you're all ready for the locksmiths to start making a statement!

it's a new dawn

It's a new year and we are ready to take it by storm! We have a bunch of shows lined up with many more on the way. And with those shows come new music, new venues and a whole new outlook. Look out 2013, The Locksmiths are comin' for ya!

post-tour & new ep

The tour is over and we brought the music of the locksmiths to nashville, austin, and asheville. But now it's time to take over the northeast. We have upcoming shows in brooklyn, queens and possibly a new england venture. Also, the band will be re-cutting an updated version of the ep. So keep your ears to the ground for that.

The Cup - 06/09/10

So the show at The Cup went very well. We were very excited that so many people came out to show their support and we hope it encourages others to come out in the future and help build our fanbase. If you missed the show here was the setlist: 1. Oh My Sweet Carolina 2. Landlocked Blues 3. Return Of The Grievous Angel 4. Long Black Veil 5. I'll Still Love You In The Morning 6. Two Of Us Once again, thank you so much to everyone who came out :) - the locksmiths