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Listening to BluestrainFM

Not only live, but any day, available from Radio Beverwijk. The next two links will give you the first and second hour. http://www.radiobeverwijk.nl/uitzendinggemist/player/?file=Donderdag-21.mp3 http://www.radiobeverwijk.nl/uitzendinggemist/player/?file=Donderdag-22.mp3

Some tracks from the smashing BluestrainFM Party

We're going to upload some tracks from the little 10 years BluestrainFM fest, last weekend. Stay tuned and listen to some dang good music from the Lowlands and UK.

New tracks up and newer tracks will follow!

The two Steckel tracks are up and in the first week of february, tracks by Erja Lyytinen will follow.

New The Damned And Dirty tracks are up for streaming and download

There are 4 new, downloadable The Damned And Dirty tracks up, recorded during the acoustic session @ BluestrainFM. Each track is a free, Creative Commons licensed, acoustic blues track by Kevin de Harde and Micha Sprenger. For more info and more free, downloadable tracks, check http://www.thedamnedanddirty.nl This song was recorded live at BluestrainFM, September 11th, 2012. For more info on Creative Commons License, got to: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/

Facts for last weeks recording

4 Mic recording, direct onto 2 tracks. Harmonica through '73 Fender Champ, bass through 30 Watts Feneder Clone. Smokehouse Brown played a 1938 Rex Staunton acoustic guitar. Spoons, forks, beerbottles, bracelet and cajon for rhythm..... Everything went live on air, added smooth compresion and hall afterwards.

Johnny Mastro & Brain Tambling sessions added

Just have a listen to the last recording from The BTFM Sessions. Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys and Brain Tambling layed down some nice tracks for you, just give them a listen. The first 8 tracks on the player are from last Tuesday's show (08-28-2012)

Delta Moon in the studio

I'll soon have the Delta Moon recordings up! Vintage people with even more vintage guitars and recording equipment. Keep an eye on the page!

New features for the BluestrainFM Show

Next plan: Record Binkom Blues Fest again. And broadcast it, ofcourse. New idea's for some cool new features. I'll keep you informed. BluestrainFM is always first with something new, the rest mainly follows.....

Radio show back on the air?

Chances are that BluestrainFM will be on the air again.