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STREET TEAM -Buzzin like a little honey bee. . .

Spend a few minutes a week spreading the "buzz" If you love the music and want to make it known, Please Join our buzzin' little street team.

As we are gearing up for the new album and learning new things from industry folks, it has come to my attention that our online "buzz" has been somewhat chillin' since we released the live album in 2007.

The Honey. . .

The ultimate goal is to create excitement & anticipation by heightening the music's presence online and on the road. Here are some easy ways to spread the love:

1. Review albums on CD Baby , Amazon, ITunes, Yahoo Music Facebook Music Page 9. Join the href="http://www.reverbnation.com/wendycolonna"Street Team

I've created a presence in many of these places, but really haven't invited you all to share in building the buzz. . . I can't do it alone. Just a few minutes a day for a few days, share with the world how you've been touched by the music.

Much Love & Gratitude! Wendy Lorraine Colonna wendy@wendycolonna.com to share more promotional insights and ideas contact wendycolonnapromotions@gmail.com

Las Vegas, CES and 2008

This week, I took my very first trip to Las Vegas.

I had bronchitis and a gig playing at the CES conference -- I'd say at least 10 miles of gadgets, toys, screens and the latest and greatest of everything shiny new and cutting edge in the technology world. I felt like a bull in a chinacloset in about 6 different ways. . .

I had the honor of playing with guitarist Chad Pope and THE key-man, Dave Madden. . . and we all marveled at the sights and sounds of the latest and greatest thingamajiggers on earth.

Our sets went well, we all looked and smelled nice and sounded good. . . The following day Chad and I took to walking around the strip in Las Vegas. We paddled from the Wynn to the Ballagio and back in a couple of hours. . . in time to watch the gloriously produced foundain at the ballagio dance to . . ."i'm proud to be an american" - talk about surreal and odd. . . really? is this what being an american in las vegas is all about?

And now. . . i sit at my computer in Austin, TX, after a late flight and a late night trip to the ER for my cough.

I feel in my life that sometimes reaching my goals is like taking a walk in Las Vegas. . . Everything seems so close, large, perfect and pretty. . . but as you walk and walk and walk and. . . you know. walk some more. . . and begin to wonder if it's all just smoke and mirrors and maybe you should've invested in better shoes. . . ??????

"Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one's weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart."

~Mohandas Ghandi


FAMECAST UPDATE: Thanks to YOU we won the popular "FENOM" vote in POP as well as "CRITICS PICK!"

What it means: Winning the "FENOM" vote means we win $10K and get lots of great press. Winning the "Critics Pick" means Famecast is sending us to LA to mentor under Justin Siegel, a Geffen Records A&R rep. Who know what that all entails, but I Promise to keep you posted. What Happened to "Singer Songwriter?"" Singer Songwriter" was tougher to call -- We were at 1 in until about 30 minutes before voting closed. . . Then we dropped to 2. I sent out the alarm to remind people that it closed and we went back to 1 when voting closed. . . I checked back about 30 min later and we were back to 2. SO, we must've been neck and neck with Julie M. Great work, though.Thanks for all your support! What are we gonna do? I'm really grateful and hope to invest in a new vehicle and get squared away on a bit of my album debts with the money we won. . I will also finally get to take a little time off to WRITE songs in Jan, so that is quite a blessing too. . . been trying to do it for AGES!!! YOU It is really magical to know that we've gotten so much positive response. . . i was so insecure that everyone would think we were buggin' but i believe everyone really wanted to see it happen. . . and there's nothing like having hundreds of people believe in you all at the same time. . .

Several of our friends have become quite ill over the last few weeks, some have lost power due to ice storm, some have even gone on to the other side. . . I feel so blessed to know you all and pray for your health and happiness into the new year. Send loving thoughts out to everyone you care for. . . life is indeed so fragile and precious.

OK! Enough sappy talk Have a great holiday. Love and Breathe DEEPLY!