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We are a hard hitting up and coming rock band from New Orleans, La. We have the drive and determination to take us as far as the road will go. All of our songs are reflections of our lives and if you read we are the book you want to read about. We have a new 5 song Ep release coming July 23, 2010. We are releasing it on I tunes, Zune market, Amazon, CD baby, bebo, and also you can hear it before you buy it at www.reverbnation.com/citybelow We have had some of the top industry producer’s help with our mixing and mastering. Dave Fortman mixed our single "Fallen." While Larry Elyea mixed and mastered the entire ep, we wrote and produced all of our songs. We are currently booking nationwide after doing a 4 month local tour. Recently on reverbnation.com/citybelow we have climbed the local charts from our 140 spot to # 35 in a 2 week span. We seek to play every venue like it is our last and love the intense moment of the crowd’s excitement. Thank you for your time, City Below

Our Message

Are you ready for a fierce new sound on Modern Rock? Are you ready for a band that can please almost any music fan no matter the preferences in genre? Are you tired of the same sound from every band you see? Are you ready for a band that will ferociously sweep you through almost all styles on the musical spectrum? If you are than City Below is a band that is definitely going to make you tap your feet and bob your head to the beat.

City Below is a band that was born from the underground rock scene in New Orleans, LA. City Below is a band that has members from diverse realms of the music spectrum. Formed in 2009 City Below is currently playing the biggest venues in New Orleans and is also working on a Coast to Coast U.S. Tour. Help us spread City Below like a Wild Fire!!!!!

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