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Low Earth Orbit on The Move???

I've been getting e-mails regarding a re-location ~~ well they are in part true ~~ but we are not relocating to the land of AZ. We will be releasing a press packet about all this in a couple of months. Right now we are trying to complete part 2 of a 2 cd release right now. That's right "Merged" will be "Merged part 1" and "Merged part 2" (these are working titles). We just have so much more music than we thought we would at this time that we wanted to get it all out and not leave anything behind. Each disk will have 14 songs and 2 new videos ~~ and a new thing were trying there will 2 MP3'S "free" TO DO WHAT YOU LIKE WITH ~~ I don't think anyone is doing this right now so I hope it catches on. ~~ Thnaks, Tony