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Arte de Bohemia - Serie Salsa Magazine Casa Vittore en Yakima, Washington Película 6-8:00 PM "El Cantante" Entretenimiento Poesia-Monologos-Comedia 8:00PM PM-9:00PM Lección de Baile: Salsa-Merengue-Bachata 9:00 PM-9:30 PM Baile 10PM-1:00 PM Ivitada Especial Alcalde Avina Gutiérrez Yakima Washington Entrada Gratis! 212 E Yakima Ave Yakima, Washington (509) 452-8329 Reservations: Vitto Rentteria Debuta Jueves 9 de Junio de, 2016

How Marco Rubio -Ted Cruz are hurting rather than helping the Latino Community

How Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are hurting rather than helping the Latino Community in the United States. The first time I hear the derogatory term "gusano" (worm) to refer to Cuban Americans is in 1975 during my freshman year at Amherst College. It is created by the Castro regime as a propaganda tool; refers to (and is solely meant to) discredit the entire group of Cubans living outside of the island; created to discourage collaboration and communication between Cubans on the island and off the island and created in order to make two sides of an ethnic group become enemies, instead of family, based on their geography. I never live in fear of being in the United States during my 58 years but I am concerned now. I feel the country is exploding with the Donald Trump juggernaut imperiously headed for the Super Tuesday Primaries while Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz continue to destroy each other (plus US as Latinos in the United States.) And there is nowhere to run to or nowhere to hide while the specter of political assassinations weigh heavily on my mind. A new civil war is on the horizon should this occur and I am at an age where people like me will be the first to be either put in an internment camp or liquidated.

Back Story: At the recent gathering in Nevada of Democratic Hispanic leaders, ahead of the GOP debate in Las Vegas, photos of Cruz and Rubio were plastered alongside Trump’s picture, as all three were criticized as anti-Latino. A press release noted, “While Trump continues to grab headlines with his hateful anti-Latino, anti-immigrant language, the positions and records of the two Latino presidential candidates in the race are equally dangerous.”

Dolores Huerta, an influential labor leader and civil rights activist, has called Cruz and Rubio “sellouts” and “traitors” at the gathering and said the Hispanic candidates are turning their backs on the Latino community. Partisan politics aside, the question remains: Are Cruz and Rubio ‘traitors’ to Latinos or do they just have different views? Latino USA asked several noted Latino politics observers. Here is what they told them:

Esther Cepeda, Nationally syndicated columnist, The Washington Post Writers Group "It’s true that all’s fair in love, war and politics so from a tactical perspective trashing Latino politicians on policy makes sense. However, in a time when so many others are demonizing Hispanics, it’s disconcerting to see our own ripped apart on the basis of their fealty to an amorphous idea of what Latino identity should be. Cruz and Rubio’s politics and policies are fair game, criticize away. But it denigrates all Latinos when some of us decide to become arbiters of what is or is not “truly” Latino. We spend a lot of time telling people outside the Hispanic community to understand that we are not monolithic – we should follow our own advice."

Stephen A. Nuño, NBCNews.com contributor and Associate Professor, Department of Politics and International Affairs, Northern Arizona University "The truth is that Latinos have great potential to contribute to all sides of the political ledger if only those in the GOP would see the greater long-term opportunity in expanding the party message rather than consolidating it with white voters. I think Latino organizations, both conservative and liberal, are right to challenge Cruz and Rubio on their policies, but to suggest that one’s loyalty to identity rest on certain leaders’ assertion of a political test, and to cast accusations of ‘traitor’ should they not pass that test, is no less fascist and dogmatic as the Trump crowd.

Pilar Marrero, Senior Political Reporter, La Opinión "Even before all of this activism and partisan campaigning started pointing fingers at Cruz and Rubio, we wrote a couple of stories about the inconsistencies between these two politicians life stories or family stories and their positions on immigration and other issues of interest to most of the Latino voters in this country.

Logros Latinos-A Celebration of Latino Achievements

Amherst College. Save the Date! Logros Latinos - A Celebration of Latino Achievements - April 30, 2016. The Students of La Causa the College's Latino/a cultural group, invites you to join us for Logros Latinos! Programs will offer opportunities for alumni and students to share their scholarship and experiences, network, and celebrate Amherst's Latino community. More details coming soon! Kindly register by Friday, April 15. Questions? Please contact Alumni and Parent Programs at (413) 542-2313 or alumprograms@amherst.edu. https://advweb2.amherst.edu/event/registrations/index/158

The Positive Aspects ReverbNation Has Taught Us

Organization. By being able to archive our work dating back to 1973 and uniting all our subsidiary social networking sites we have been able to avoid a common mistake of posting on dozens of unrelated sites in order to disseminate our work. The "one stop shop" aspect allows for our subscribers and fans to enjoy a variety of entertainment illustrated by our studio recordings, historic videos and our ongoing tour of film festivals and presentation on the University circuit. I'm grateful that we stored away performances and that the digital age has allowed us to transfer material from analog and VHS so that we can share a clear path in our development. Another thing that we do is read/listen/view the work of others utilizing ReverbNation and in the process get ideas how to further streamline the site. Enjoy the site and keep on sharing with us. Communication is tantamount to progress. Luis Chaluisan Editor Salsa Magazine-Producer WEPAwebTV-Founder of La Gran Orquesta El Extreme. https://www.reverbnation.com/luischaluisan https://plus.google.com/u/0/+LuisChaluisan https://www.facebook.com/groups/salsamagazine/

Salsa Magazine's Newsletter Surpasses 1000 Latino Student Unions

Salsa Magazine's ReverbNation Newsletter Surpasses 1000 Latino Student Unions in U.S. If used correctly, ReverbNation can be one of the most effective tools in getting your message across to your followers. It's mailing list application allows you to isolate specific e mail addresses to forward important press releases. We have isolated 1015 Latino Student Union Contacts since the Salsa Awards in 2012. We send out a weekly newsletter to Latino University Students in the United States with updates of stories we run in the magazine. In turn, we also are booked to present our one hour Salsa History multi media show within an 800 mile radius of New York City. In addition to the newsletter, followers can visit our 75 websites that feature our work plus 200 videos and 200 mp3 selections of work produced since 1975. Our Film Festival log is an open source for Latino Film Makers to submit their work. It is all about information for Salsa Magazine and a commitment to be a voice for the second majority in the United States. https://www.reverbnation.com/luischaluisan Presented by: Luis Chaluisan WEPAwebTV - New Edge Theater WEPAwebTV Roughrican Productions Rocker Roller Rican vlɒɡ Salsamagazine.com 2014 Recognition Awards Maria Hernandez Federico Chaluisan L.f. Chaluisan Batlle Editors WEPAwebTV - New Edge Theater El Extreme Luis Chaluisan https://www.facebook.com/groups/salsamagazine/

"La Vida" from SPIC CHIC to be recorded as Latin Jazz piece

Just got word that one of my poems from SPIC CHIC is going to be recorded as Latin Jazz Piece. Ironic that I wrote it at the height of my gangster period in Hartford Connecticut in 1998. I was seeking a spiritual relief to get me out of "The Life." And now all these years later, it is acknowledged as a viable solution. Thank you God! Luis Chaluisan http://www.luischaluisan.com/

A Life In Motion El Extreme Luis Chaluisan

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To be honored in Mayaguez Puerto Rico is beyond category

To be honored is one thing. But to be honored in the land of our family (Borinquen) particularly in our hometown of Mayaguez is the greatest accolade I receive in my life. It is better than a Grammy, an Academy Award, an Emmy and even a Pulitizer. My life is about discovery and in the week I spend in Mayaguez I witness so much talent that I am humbled to be declared "un hijo de Mayaguez" a day after I meet one of the island's treasures, Shorty Castro del Barrio Paris, while he is honored. A pure inspiration for me as a dancer, singer, actor, poet and comedian. And it is all because of my parents que son del Barrio Balboa y La Quinta. Thank you for honoring my work Sociedad Autentica De Coleccionistas Musica Popular Oeste De P.R. Junior Cancel Efrain Bayron Barbosa Para ser honrado es una cosa. Pero para ser honrado en la tierra de nuestra familia (Borinquen) particularmente en nuestra ciudad natal de Mayagüez es el mayor galardón que recibo en mi vida. Es mejor que un Grammy, un Oscar, un Emmy y hasta un Pulitizer. Mi vida es de el descubrimiento y en la semana que me paso en Mayagüez soy testigo de tanto talento que me siento muy honrado de ser declarado "un hijo de Mayagüez", un día después de que me encuentro con uno de los tesoros de la isla, Shorty Castro (del Barrio París), mientras él es honrado. El es Una pura inspiración para mí como bailarín, cantante, actor, poeta y humorista. Y es todo por mi hijo padres (que son del Barrio Balboa y La Quinta.) Gracias por honrar mi trabajo Sociedad Autentica De Coleccionistas Musica Popular Oeste Sociedad Autentica De Coleccionistas Musica Popular Oeste De P.R. Junior Cancel Efrain Bayron Barbosa Presented by WEPAwebTV - New Edge Theater WEPAwebTV Roughrican Productions Rocker Roller Rican vlɒɡ Salsamagazine.com 2014 Recognition Awards Federico Chaluisan Ronald Chaluisan Batlle Editors WEPAwebTV - New Edge Theater Eric Ayala L.f. Chaluisan Batlle El Extreme Luis Chaluisan Luis Chaluisan

Balboa Nights Lunes 20 Abril 2015 Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Balboa Nights Lunes 20 Abril 2015 Centro Comunal, Barrio Trastalleres Entrada Gratis 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Calle Caracas 00682 Mayaguez, Puerto Rico Cerca De Colegio Agricultura Artes Mecanicas Mayaguez Reconocimiento y Rendimiento El Extreme Luis Chaluisan Historia de la Familia-Cuentos-Percusión-Bromas-Poemas-Sorpresas Sociedad Autentica De Coleccionistas Musica Popular Oeste De P.R. Hosted by: Junior Cancel Efrain Bayron Barbosa Featuring Eric Ayala, Linda Maria Rodriguez Guglielmoni Luis Chaluisan Plus Invited guest performers http://www.luischaluisan.com/ Free preview and dropbox download of "Salsa The Untold Story" http://lnkd.in/dmpyhpX 27 minutes https://www.facebook.com/EspirituSalsa Presented by WEPAwebTV - New Edge Theater WEPAwebTV Roughrican Productions Rocker Roller Rican vlɒɡ Salsamagazine.com 2014 Recognition Awards Federico Chaluisan L.f. Chaluisan Batlle Editors WEPAwebTV - New Edge Theater Maria Hernandez

David Amram regarding April 20, 2015 honorary ceremony for Luis Chaluisan

From David Amram regarding April 20, 2015 honorary ceremony prepared by La Sociedad Autentica De Coleccionistas Musica Popular Oeste De P.R. Mayaguez, Puerto Rico hosted by Junior Cancel Efrain Bayron Barbosa in recognition of my work "Since all you do is a reflection of how to deal with all obstacles and see the Beauty part in spite of it all, NYC is a hard place to get enthusiasm from the people in charge of the store, because they have all been trained to HATE THEMSELVES!!And regardless of the fortune they may have spent to get an education to prepare them to become leaders in society and especially those who are administrating cultural institutions, if you never learned how to sing or dance or find the joy in hanging out with others just for the sake of learning more and enjoying the moment, the idea of “Culture” is always the anthropologist’s idea of robbing a skull from a burial site, putting in a bottle of Formaldehyde and dispensing drops at a time to the chosen few who have a morbid fascination with what they consider primitive (NOT primal!!) So to be in a place where your heritage is respected, and your struggles are understood is just WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED!! (And in Mayaguez, you will have His prescription filled!!) What you are doing will eventually be appreciated by a new generation everywhere when they can see the WORK that you do, and have that stand on its own, and THEN when they hear your war stories of how you survived and continued to do what you have been doing, that will be appreciated post rebus!!! (After the fact) This is what happened (and is still HAPPENING) with Jack Kerouac, Charlie Parker and an army of innovative people who kept on their path no matter what!! Brooklyn College is giving me an Honorary Doctor of the Arts and having me as their keynote speaker this May, and like yourself, anything i have done , and still try to do, comes from all the terrific people I have been blessed to know who have taught and continue to teach me how to try to be more human and see the beauty that surrounds us. When you danced (with Rose M. Hernandez) and the Brooklyn Phil back in 1977 in the Park, some of the musicians who were there who are still alive REMEMBER that moment and i always will as well! Like yourself, i have received quite a bit of static over the years for not doing what others thought I should do,and the more it was for real and the more joyous and spontaneous it was, the heavier the static was!! But as Miles so eloquently entitled his great 1959 song……”SO WHAT?”" Presented by WEPAwebTV - New Edge Theater WEPAwebTV Roughrican Productions Rocker Roller Rican vlɒɡ Salsamagazine.com 2014 Recognition Awards Federico Chaluisan Maria Hernandez Editors WEPAwebTV - New Edge Theater Luis Chaluisan L.f. Chaluisan Batlle http://www.luischaluisan.com/ El Extreme Luis Chaluisan David Amram amramdavid@aol.com www.davidamram.com