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Toast in Port Jefferson

Hey a great show last night at Toast in Port jefferson, ty to all that came out to support my son and I. He was amazing as always. Please continue to support local music. there really is nothing better. Can't wait for the next show!! Thanks again


Hey thanks to all for listening, I am reviewing a video of me performing "Love Don't Live Here no More" at my sons CD release show. What a show, the kid is so good it's just a matter of time before someone scoops him up. Just awesome talent. Be sure to check him out on here just search for his band "AllONE" great stuff! Good day to all! Rock on


I am working on the Acapella version of a "IN A Dream" by Badlands, I am sure you guys will like it.. Something different to come. NEED MORE TIME..... have to take some sick days at work... (just kidding) Rehearsing with Bruce tonight, Love Don't live here no more, and whatever else we can come up with. Great day to all.


I just included lyrics for Loving Life, Tokyo, & Man & Wife. Getting there a bit at a time. Working on 3 more songs to post. Please become a fan and help boost the ratings! thanks to all for the support, I really can't say it enough

My sons cd release is in Saint James June 27th, no charge, just show up. check out his site, http://www.myspace.com/allonevoice His stuff is awesome, I am so proud of the man he has become! Bruce and I will be performing one song together that we did "Love Don't Live Here No More" he really helped me bring the best out in this song with his verse, will post soon


Ok so last night was a blast for me, going back in time again playing U2's One, and Bad on acoustic and running through some old song lists that we use to do in the band, I think there are at least 120 songs or so. So much fun. Going into the basement for me is like hitting up a time machine. Love it! Good day to all.. more to come..


Wow, ok so I just posted 2 more songs from not too long ago, Downtown a song that was co-written with Brendan O'Connor 1996, I recorded at home. And another song (an acoustic version) of Freedoms Cost, I song I wrote back in 2006 about our service men and woman that give all they have so we can live our lives in Freedom that many of us just take for granted. Please check the songs out, leave me feedback! Enjoy.. Many more in the works.. sure wish I didn't have to waste so much time at work :)