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Relief (sonnet)

I used to envy those who lived with ease, Admiring their trinkets and their charms, Their stylish shoes and high-priced dungarees, Their buttoned shirts, well tailored to their arms.

Their careless laughter carried on the wind, Oblivious to suffering and loss. Announcing to the world another win, Yet not revealing what those vict'ries cost.

One day I heard a merchant shun the poor, And never had a jealous thought again. I understood that ev'rything endured Allows the heart to deepen compassion.

I would not trade one minute of my grief. For what pains me, may bring the world relief.

- Courtney Dowe

Cupid's Class (sonnet)

This love did not invite us both for tea With seat assignments waiting side by side And then excuse itself predictably To give our paths a chance to coincide

It did not make appointments to consult With institutions or bureaucracies About the inevitable tumult Of unions forged despite complexity

Abducted by its force we tried to fight But love, is love, and love will have its way It holds our hearts for ransom every night Insisting we surrender everyday

And so we live resigned to happy fate Much glad that cupid's class is heavyweight

- Courtney Dowe

When Freedom Finds You (sonnet)

When freedom finds you do not be surprised To witness all the miracles she brings Do not look down, but do not close your eyes As you take flight upon her open wings

She holds the visionary through the night She lives between the water and the land Her passion gives the Northern star its light Her wisdom guides the soul who dares to stand

She does not care about your race or class She won't discuss your view on policy There is but one great question she will ask: Do you believe that we should all be free?

If you should answer yes, prepare to live Without the luxury enslavement gives

- Courtney Dowe

John Richards
John Richards  (8 months ago)

Beautiful as you always are.