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The Return of Pdash

Its been almost 2 years since my true fans have heard me bless the mic. So I am writing the blog to tell the latest update. I will be recording my first and final mixtape, I have not been the one to get into that scene , I am the type of artist that drop albums. I will do this 1 mixtape for my fans. And i will release 2 albums one entitled "Silent For Too Long" and " Rated GS(Grown AND Sexy) all in this year . Stay tuned. Thanks for supporting

One Sheet on "MOMENT OF TRUTH"

Only one word would be the best fit word for an upcoming artist/c.e.o/writer of his own label "master mind". Would be the perfect description of Pda Tryffa a.k.a MaSye a.k.a Pdash. The truth is in his debut album "Moment of Truth". The South Carolina M.c puts his flow and soul into this project. With two years with this work in progress, he totally zoned into his craft. Recording half of it in Greenville ,SC @ Beat Bangaz studios, and the other half in Atlanta ,GA @ Platinum Base Studio. With the final touches being put into place on his master piece, Pda begins to buckle down on the definate release date : May 31,2013. Being an experimental musician always has been his fort'e. The Carolina m.c decides to step outside of his comfort zone and start with the single "LOOK @ HER" as his best foot foward. "I wanted to shuffle the cards up a little", "and show some love to the ladies in a song",says Pdash. These two songs are a must have in your playlist for the summer. But not to forgetthe club banging sounds of "Thank You Haters(Feat. Fripp Island), as well as many more hits. "MOMENT OF TRUTH" will be that album that puts Pda Tryffa a.k.a MaSye in a whole new caliber.