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"Welcome To My Home" on bandcamp

Visit my bandcamp site and download 2-track album "Welcome To My Home" for free or pay what you want: http://ralfdee.bandcamp.com/

youbloom Music Awards Quarterfinal

I'm really happy to announce that the song "Ben" is in the youbloom round 2 quarterfinal! http://www.youbloom.com Many thanks to everybody who voted! Your support is highly appreciated! Quarterfinal voting begins: 20 Jun 2012 http://www.youbloom.com/ybsc/entry/3412 Thanks again!

Purpular Records

We're on UK based independent label "Purpular Records". Hand-picked music that makes to want you smile out loud! Check out the artists and their music on http://purpularrecords.bandcamp.com Plenty of great releases!

Rising Magazine

We’re in the March Issue of Rising Magazine http://risingmag.com/ Check us out (page 6) and all the other great artists as well. Lots of free downloads available!

Unsigned Top Charts

Please vote for "Destination unknown" on the Unsigned Top Charts: http://www.unsignedtopcharts.com/topchart/ralf-dee-band-destination-unknown/

Check out IndieGuild

Founded in June 2010, IndieGuild is quietly establishing itself as a beautifully maintained showcase and listening post for the best of independent music, video and art, exalting the direct spirit of communion between artist and public and deliberately disregarding the standard charts, competitions and vote exchanges that all too often do no more than to reduce creative talent to yet another banal object of commerce and speculation. http://www.indieguild.net

IndieGuild presents Ralf Dee: http://j.mp/swz83N

Check out Music Xray 21st Century A&R

Musik Xray helps musicians and songwriters get deals and to get feedback from professionals who want to help them succeed. http://j.mp/vO3B6d Find Opportunities: http://j.mp/vCaCz0

"Destination Unknown" in the ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP-RECORD-SHOP

The album "Destination Unknown" is now available as CD and download in the ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP-RECORD-SHOP. Find the entire album to stream, two free downloads and the best deal on the CDs in digipak: http://rock-til-you-drop-records.com

The ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP's Musicians Network

I'd like to introduce and recommend the Rock-til-you-drop Musicians & Bands Network, an online community of mature musicians and bands active at a local level.To learn more about the idea behind it read the "about RTYD" section on the site: http://www.rock-til-you-drop.com/p/about-rtyd.html Founder Toby Burton (singer and guitarist of Pocket Rocket) is also publishing several daily papers, like the RTYD Music Industry Daily, that brings you a daily round-up of the top tweets from the music industry Twitter accounts that @RockTilYouDrop follows. Check it out: http://paper.li/RockTilYouDrop Create a personal or a band page on http://rock-til-you-drop-musicians.com for free. Add your links and paste the code for a music player, or get a music player. You can connect this page to your Facebook or Twitter account (and vice-versa if you use Ping.FM or Seesmic) and anything you post here will also show on these status feeds.

Für Bands, Solo-Künstler und Musiker aus Deutschland habe ich die Gruppe "German Musicians" hinzugefügt. Schließt Euch an. Ihr könnt hier links, tour-dates, music player, Musiker -Gesuche und -Angebote usw. hochstellen. Eine gute, zusätzliche Möglichkeit neben den großen Portalen. Facebook und Twitter können zudem verbunden werden.