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Strange Operations (by The Logical Operators).

One of those tracks that just happened. With the exception of the bass and the sequenced loop during the middle section all parts were composed on the fly. This really was a case of pressing start on the drum machine and having some fun. So here it is, edited down to a mere 13 minutes (originally 20) and with some strings over-dubbed (the original strings were too quiet in the mix to survive analog tape. Hope you enjoy the trip.

Original "one-off" jam session recorded, July 2000 (Jazz Ball, Richard Nejman) Strings over-dubbed, digitally edited and re-mastered, August 2013 by R. Nejman.


Holograms (Plumbjam- alternate mix)

Holograms is the final song from the brief collaboration of myself and Keith Twidale. This is an alternate mix to the one which can be found on the pages of Plumbjam.com and the David Icke video "The Holographic Illusion", which both have voice-overs containing some material to which I do not subscribe. In some respects I consider the track to be unfinished since Keith decided to ditch the ideas we had discussed in favour of the voice-overs. At this point I chose to go along with the idea to see where it took us. However, it had been agreed from the start that all views expressed in our songs would reflect the opinions of both parties. Alas, this did not prove to be the case when I objected to the inclusion of "reptillians".... Keith might think the world is run by reptillian/human hybrids but I consider the concept to be beyond ludicous and feel extremely embarrassed by it's inclusion. Since in our verbal agreements I had reserved the right to post any work in which I have been involved on my music page, I have re-mixed this earlier, unfinished version of the song. Holograms: Lyrics by Keith Twidale Music by Richard Nejman, Keith Twidale Produced by R. Nejman, K. Twidale This version re-mixed by R. Nejman Vocals and acoustic guitar by K. Twidale All keyboard parts written and performed by R. Nejman. 2012. http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_14208856

The Hidden Cure (by Plumbjam)

The Hidden Cure represents the first song from the new collaboration of Keith Twidale (Plumbjam Studios) and myself. It was co-written by myself and Keith with additional input by Rob Fidler with his awesome bass guitar line. The song will be available for purchase via the Plumbjam Studio website in the next few weeks. Words and music - Keith Twidale, Richard Nejman. Produced by Keith Twidale. Richard Nejman - keyboards, vocals. Keith Twidale - drums, vocals. Rob Fidler - bass guitar. Copyright - Plumbjam Studios, 2012

The Post Strawberry Fair Tapes (The Logical Operators)

After a disatrous gig at Strawberry fair in 2000, Jazz and I returned to Wisbech feeling somewhat dejected. At fault for this debacle was a brain dead organiser and piss-poor generator but this didn't make us feel any better about our ultimately embarrassing performance. A week later we decided to have a jam using some new sample sets that we had been working on independently. I had two completely different sets; one, a laid back trancey thing; the other, an eastern sounding spacey thing which later developed into the track "Illogical". Jazz had a load of new banging samples he had been working on some of which were also in an eastern mode. In our eagerness to lift our spirits after such an awful gig, what followed was, in my opinion, our finest hour. Never before released I feel this is now the time to let you all experience The Logical Operators letting their hair down. I have just finished editing the 43 minute jam into three parts. Part 1 is mellow and laid back trance. Part 2 picks up the pace with Jazz playing the main lead tune. Part 3 is spacey, progy, Ozrics style, banging dance. I hope you enjoy this voyage into our yesteryear.