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End of Summer Update

Oh my goodness... Summer is gone! :( It went way too fast. I am finally back in Nashville after traveling every week this summer. It was such a great summer, I made so many new friends and got to spend time with a lot of old friends! Here is the run down of my summer

First I traveled to Dallas, Texas to sing and nanny at the Sapphire Mary Kay Cosmetics Seminar. I had so much fun seeing all of my mom's unit! My Mary Kay Family is the best and I love them all so much!

Then off to Nashville for 3 days to sing for my girlfriend Kaitlyn Anderson! I sang backup for her at the Tin Roof one of my FAVORITE places in Nashville! It was such a great time!

From Nashville I headed home to Nebraska with my AMAZING Co-writers Karin Paparelli and Bill Diluigi. We had a little concert in my backyard playing all the songs we wrote. They played their songs too and everyone there loved them. We spent time with my family and wrote another song. We wrote it about CORN, Karin and Bill had never seen so much corn in their life. We thought it only right to write about it!

BACK to Dallas.... I sang at the Ruby Mary Kay Seminar this time. Met so many new fans and friends.

Then to Wyoming to help my grandparents at the Aladdin General Store during the Stugis Rally! We saw so many bikers and lots of leather. My whole family came to help, I love more than anything spending time with my family and friends. We celebrated my grandparents anniversary. I don't know two people who love each other more. I hope to have that someday.

Nebraska for a week and a couple days. I spent a night with my best girl friends Maggie and Sara! Love those girls! Spent time on the houseboat with friends and family and got a good tan!

Now I am back in Nashville, I registered as a Tennessee Resident today! I guess that means I am gonna stay a while, I still have a BIG Dream and I am loving watching it come true even if its gonna take a while!