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stoked!! we've got lot's of new friends, new booking agent, new shows, new songs, new merch, and we just got new Jager gear!!

Thank you ALL for the support.

Rock on! Sol


Had some really fun shows over the weekend, even with the rainy weather and me getting sick. Just barely made it through the Cafe Japengo show, which was awesome by the way. stilt walkers, break dancers, gogo dancers, dj, sushi, sake, oh yeah and Safety Orange. Good Times.

Unfortunately I've been pretty much in bed for the last 2 days. I'm canceling Tues. Hennessey's show to try and get better for wed.,thur., and fri. there.

Rock on! sol


working on getting taxes ready. i always forget which reports to print out. you'd think i would either know by now or write it somewhere so i can just look it up each year. nope! i'll ask Arna, my tax gal tomorrow. gonna hit the hot tub now!



We are excited about the new year and hope all of you are as well. Lots of shows coming up, new music, and new designs. Would love to try and keep in touch with our friends and fans better in the new year so feel free to hit us whenever.

Rock on! Sol