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New LP 'Shapeshifter' Out Now on iTunes.


The "Cosmic American" has landed.

On April 12, "Cosmic American" debuted on iTunes, Amazon, etc. Nine tracks full of folk, rock, country and gospel. My other releases last year seem like dress rehearsals when compared to this fully realized performance, like my years of writing and recording in NYC, "Cosmic" has put me back in the Captain's chair of my own creativity. I'm the muse and the musician this time around. No filler too...all heartfelt powerful compositions. I'm glad I made this...cause it will be the guideline for the remainder of my career.

New CD...new focus.

If there's one thing I learned last year was the importance of being happy. Domestically, my family made me happier than I've ever been. But musically, I went through some trials. After two years, Pat Floyd and I dissolved The Inner Void, only to become a successful acoustic duo booked almost two nights a week for six months. In this time, I was able to put out two complete discs of music. One a cathartic hodgepodge, part punk-part folk, but in hindsight a "beautiful mess." The second, a focused love letter that had to be written. Now, the circle is complete, while still doing the occasional duo thing for some shillings here and there, I'm now focused on making myself happy. I started booking some solo shows, hosting a monthly original showcase in Ormond Beach and investing time and energy into my music, my art, my craft...and ironically, I've given up chasing any rock dreams, now more than content with chasing my folk/americana/singer-songwriter aspirations. I hate labels...artist, musician, poet..."I consider myself more of a song and dance man." I fare thee well.

Thankful for all the love...

This year as Thanksgiving rears its head, I'm thankful for the love of my son, the love of my wife, family, friends and the love of music...I fell in love with music again this year...writing, performing, recording and listening. I rediscovered Elvis Costello, The Stones and The Eagles, while delving deeper into Americana, Dylan, The Beatles, the genius of Jack White and even punk music...I filled my heart and ears with GLEE literally every Tuesday night which awakened all my pop sensibilities and made me realize why I even sing in the first place. I rid myself of many negative influences and people in my life and became even more self-sufficient. And as 2010 comes to a close, I'm proud to say that I performed over 100 live shows, released two albums available on iTunes and most important...I go to bed at night respected myself, how I'm living and the creative work I'm doing. As an artist that's what really matters. In Keith Richards new autobio "Life," he says, "I don't do it for the money or you...I do it for me." Should be the artist's creed. Happy Holidays and please give the gift of Anthony Sica by purchasing my songs off iTunes and amazon.com. Peace...and remember...War Is Over (If You Want It).