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Song rating technology

This is kinda cool, our DEMO won a Silver with a score of 6.6 (just missed the Gold which requires a 7.0 or better).


Auddy™ Awards A Platinum Auddy™ denotes clear mathematical hit potential. The underlying musical patterns of this song are similar to songs that have been hits for a long time.

A Gold Auddy™ means that the underlying patterns of this song are similar to songs that have become hits in the past.

A Silver Auddy™ is awarded to a song whose mathematical patterns show that it might require a little extra promotion to become a commercial success.

Even if your song doesn’t win an Auddy award initially don’t give up. Your songs may have at least some of the underlying patterns of hit music and our suite of widgets and promotional tools will provide exposure for all your music.

The Auddy™ Awards are based on the mathematical properties of the audio uploaded to this web site. Therefore, the quality of the audio we receive has a strong effect on the results detailed in the report. This includes but is not exclusive to every step of the recording process— from the original studio recording to the MP3 encoding. The uploaded audio must be in the right format: MP3 at 128 kBits (or above) Stereo 44.1 kHz/16 bit (CD quality).