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Here are a few reviews of our new CD "Sonny Skyyz & The Rainmakers:

Willy Evans Okay, I just listened to your CD (good critical listen) 1) Really great recording, just enough reverb to make it sound like a room, GREAT lock on drums and bass. Mix might be a tad bass-heavey but in this case it tends to sort of drive it, so not a negative! 2) My favorite songs: Serpents Touch, I Need, and Marty's two 3) My least favorite was Full up to my neck. Just didn't seem "together" like it hadn't been rehearsed much. the lyrics may have been a little wordy (for my taste) and didn't seem to flow (not a "dis" by any means, this is my opinion, your mileage may vary) Overall I give it a .98 Gotta good beat, you can dance to it! (where's my Clearasil?) Good rekkerd, man! it has earned a place in my car stack!

"The CD"

Sonny Skyyz & The Rainmakers are a "bare bones" band. We started this band with a lot of help from friends who had extra equipment and gave me the opportunity to get Sonny Skyyz & The Rainmakers off the ground. These people will be named on the CD. Without friends like these, I wouldn't be sittin' here typing this. As our President recently said: "I didn't not build this on my own. I had a lot of help to get here". Anyway, back to bein' "bare bones", an App State college student, majoring in music, approached us and asked if he could record the band. After the initial shock wore off, I gladly accepted his offer. We were able to record this CD in about 8 - 10 hours over two days. As normal, we all wished we had more time & more equipment to get a better sound, but we were pleased with the results. Hence, in two weeks from now, we'll have our 1st CD thanks to good friends and good fortune!! Here's a review of each song as they will be listed on "The CD" - Sonny Skyz & The Rainmakers : 1. - "Bluesman" - The title was inspired by my dear friend Liz Luke as this is her pet name for me. It's a basic contemporary Blues number that explains how much I love the blues and how much fun it actually is to be able to play music. 2. - "Full UP To My Neck" - is my attempt at an "Old School" R&B song. I tried to get an Otis Clay/O.V. Wright feel that influenced my bass playing style. 3. - "Hanging Tree" - was written and performed by Marty "Hacksaw" Cofiled and is one of the more "Traditional" Blues tunes. Marty actually wrote this song as he was washing dishes one day!! :^D 4. - "Big Butt Woman" - is a funky contemporary blues but contains a classic traditional Blues melody. On live shows, this one usually gets folks up on the dance floor. 5.- "Slow Down" - another contemporary blues/R&B number (I see there's a theme here) written in the vein of the great Staxx house band and recording artist Booker T & The MG's. 6. - "House Built By The Blues" - this is the bands favorite song. A traditional minor Blues that explains the trials & tribulations of everyday life as noted by things we do everyday. 7- "You're The One" - another one written & perfformed by Marty Cofield. This is our "Rocker" based on the early Rock & Roll artists as Chuck Berry, Little Richard etc . . .8. - "Serpent's Touch" - this is the only song on the CD that wasn't wriiten by myself or Marty. It was written and performed by West Coast/Bay Area recording artist the late Johnny Hearstman. I had the honor of playing with Johnny several times and one of the the most memorable moments of my musical career was on a gig of his, The great jazz organist Jimmy Smith sat in and played with us. I was amazed just to be on the stage with him!!! This song was chosen for that reason and out of respect for a very good Bluesman. 9. - " I Need" - this was the last song we recorded as it was written and put together at the last minute. This is my attempt at another Old School R&B song in the attempt of the old Motown vein. I like it. 10. - God's Grace" - this is a contemporary gospel tune that was written in San Diego right before I moved to Charlotte. None of the Rainmakers are on this song. I'm a Christian and I was compelled to give thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I feel that I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to have this CD made and blessed to play music that gives joy to many. The musicians on this cut is: Gregg Gilbert - Lead vocals Frank Scuito - Keyboards/backup vocals Joe Scuito - Drums and yours truly on bass guitar We did not make this CD in any attempt to "make it big" or to sell a million copies. All we wanted was to give our fans . . . . . . . . Great Music. Big Fun!!!!!

The Story of "Hacksaw" Cofield

We loaded up the trailer to go to our gig at The Blue 5 in Roanoke, VA. Marty Cofield was asked to make sure the lock was on the trailer. Once we arrived in Roanoke and rested up for a few minutes, Grub (keyboard player) needed to get something out of the trailer. Upon inspection, he noticed that the lock was tuned in a direction where we were unable to get the key into the lock. Our host, Sam Miller, came out with some hacksaw blades and proceeded to wear out blade after blade because the lock was made of "Grade A" U.S. Steel. After a few hours of burning up a complete set of 8 hacksaws, we finally managed to get the lock cut. So since Marty put the lock on the wrong way and doing most of the sawing, hence the name "Hacksaw"!!!

Ken Dukes & The Carolina Players
Ken Dukes & The Carolina Players  (almost 6 years ago)

You were wise not to call Billy "blowtorch" Burch. he would have melted the equipment in the process of torching the lock.


A decision has been made by the band to have the following individuals as permanent members of the band: Sonny Skyyz - Bass & Vocals Jeff Hawthorne - Drums Marty "Hacksaw" Cofield - Guitar & Vocals Grub - Keyboards & Vocals As Grub is in high demand and also employed by Part Time Blues Band here in Charlotte, Sonny Skyyz & The Rainmakers will perform all shows without Grub as a trio. Hang on tight because the ride is just beginning!!! Thanks to each and everyone of our fans & supporters. We love you!!! As for all of the "Haters" . . . . we love you too!!! Love, peace & happiness, Sonny Skyyz


After a fairly successful six months of existence, Sonny Skyyz & The Rainmakers are expecting continued growth in show, fans and our music. We like to thank all who've jumped on the bandwagon and provided support and inspiration to us all. We are looking forward to stretching out in to new music venues regionally, play more shows and expect to put out our 1st CD in 2012. Hold on tight because the areas hottest new band is about to get hotter!!!


After 2 1/2 months, Sonny Skyyz & The Rainmakers are beginning to make strides in putting themselves in the forefront of the Charlotte Music scene. D'Vine Wine Cafe and Big Al's have been beneficial in getting us working gigs and putting us in company with the likes of Carey Simms & The Skate Rink Juke Box & Scoot Pittman. Our performances at benefits in raising money for friends & associates afflicted with cancer and/or other health problems have made people realize that Sonny Skyyz & The Rainmakers are the real deal. There is still plenty of work needed to accomplish what we've set out to do. Thanks to all who have helped us along the way. Especially my "Soul Train Dancers" & strongest supporters, Wendy Ramsey and Diane Irvin-Jones. Thanks to Beth Pollhammer for giving us needed exposure and to Sam Miller who continues to try get us book in the State of Virginia. Thanks to each and every one of the fans worldwide who have taken their time to visit our Reverbnation, Facebook & MySpace pages. Hang on tight because the ride is about to go faster each month.

Black Widow Spider

"Greenbacks" and "Smack Dab In The Middle" are on the Omar Sharriff CD "Black Widow Spider". The CD was recorded in 1993 for Have Mercy Records in Sacramento, CA. Omar Sharriff - Piano/Vocals Bobby Gonzales - Guitar James Winnegan - Harmonica Pat "Rat-A-Tat" Blacom - Drums Sonny Skyyz - Bass

I'm here!!!

It'llbe awhile before I have this Reverbnation thing up and running. Please be patient!! Thanks, Sonny