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Daily featured on Cam Wells's Hand-iLink on CJAM FM

Daily featured on CJAM's nationally shared radio program Hand-iLink hosted by Cam Wells... Daily talks about growing up hearing and speech impaired... Interview availible at link underneath http://cjamlog1.cjam.ca/mp3dirnew/96-Handi_Link-20141029-1600-t1414594800.mp3

Daily gets featured in Brandon University's The Quill newspaper

Daily sits down with Whitney Hodgins for her Hip Hop seriers Behind The Barz featured in Brandon University's The Quill newspaper. Article availible at link below http://www.thequill.ca/2014/11/04/behind-the-barz-with-daily/

Daily - OMG an updated entry in 2013, It's getting close...

New Album Soon to Enter Post-Production...

Hey, Y'all

It's Daily with the latest update on the up-coming studio album.

As most of you know, Daily's been plugging away at the new album for the last year. Well, it looks like things are right on track. The new album enters post-production at the end of the month, so an early 2014 release is still in the works.

New Daily coming sooner than you think… Keep watching for more info on the up-coming release...

Thanks Daily

New Blog to Tide you over... Start of (2013)

So I've been working on a new blog, but until that entry is finished. Here is a story from the Brandon Sun, about Daily's New Years Eve Show in Brandon... It's a dope story... Give it a read...

Rapper's fans, bus driver help recover stolen purse

By: Ian Hitchen

A Winnipeg rapper has some kind words for Brandon after his local fans, a bus driver and police helped him get his girlfriend’s stolen purse back.

“I love Brandon, I will definitely be coming back,” said the rapper who asked to go by his stage name, Daily.

Daily said the purse snatching happened while he was in town to perform at the North Hill Inn on New Year’s Eve.

Partiers at the bar had already rang in the new year, and the show was just finishing as Daily paused to have his photo taken with a fan.

As his girlfriend took the shot, she turned her back to her purse which was on a table.

When she turned around again, the purse was gone.

It contained about $300 from tickets sold at the door, credit cards, a BlackBerry phone and an iPhone.

Daily took to the microphone to make an announcement about the missing purse.

Fortunately, one of the fans had seen a woman take the purse. The suspect had then boarded a city bus.

Another fan —Daily only knows her as Misty — jumped into their car to guide them to a community centre where the bus was expected to make a stop.

When they reached the centre, the bus wasn’t there. However, another bus was and its driver kindly took Daily to the downtown depot where they hoped to intercept the thief.

The driver knew that all city buses had to go to the depot at that time to allow transfers.

Daily hopped off the bus downtown and spotted a pair of police officers.

As he began to tell officers what had happened his girlfriend — who had followed in the car — walked up and spotted two women.

The women had the purse and Daily’s girlfriend screamed, “That’s them, that’s my purse!”

“Before I could even finish telling the cops what happened, they ran over and had both of them on the ground,” Daily said.

The purse’s contents had been split between the women, and Daily and his girlfriend got the purse back along with everything else except $90 which was missing.

One of the women implicated the other in the theft. The second woman, 25 years old, was then arrested for breach of the peace and lodged at the Brandon jail until later in the day because she was intoxicated.

Police said on Wednesday that the complainant didn’t wish to pursue charges.

Daily was so happy with the help he received from Brandonites that he wanted to share the story.

“I’ve definitely got to thank Misty, I’ve got to thank the bus driver from the bottom of my heart and the Brandon police department is just amazing,” Daily said.

Misty was rewarded with one of Daily’s new CDs and a tour shirt.

» ihitchen@brandonsun.com

Republished from the Brandon Sun print edition January 3, 2013

Daily - The Blog that was meant for (Half of 2012) part1

The Blog that was meant for (Half of 2012)

This entry starts off where the previous blog let's off… What has Daily and The Stubby Yellow Bus been up to in 2012, or at least halfway through anyways.

Well, we kept up the Grind with a performance at Aura, on Portage Ave. It was part of the fundraiser for Margeret Beardy, and what an out pouring from the community. I was amazed and a little touched at how the Peg City Hip Hop community came together. I was also disgusted with how some carried themselves as well. I am speaking mostly about AO Records. Really your gonna come out to a fundraiser and throw around your wait by pushing lesser known rappers off the stage. Nice form at a charity show. Back to the grind, a few days later Daily made a follow up performance @ The Forks. Now I will admit it was not the best planned show I've ever seen But, it did bring up some questions. The biggest question, what is with Peg City Rappers? Now, I say this as being a long time card carrying member in this community. But, at The Forks show where there should of been a feeding frenzy, the Mc's frozen. Crews came out and didn't approach the DJ's. It turned into a show without a leader, DJ Bobby Tha Coach was working the 1's and 2's but, this was a ship without a captain, a mic for the taking and I was one of the few takers. I only find this puzzling because, I am a dying breed of Rapper. One of the Mc's who started before the file share became the way of the world. With that said, I am a hungry Mc. I don't eat, if you don't move your feet. And any open Mic is a Buffet to me. One to be eating with gluttony. It only leaves me scatting my head to see up and comers hanging out. There's no shame in asking for a spot. Or saying "when I am I up". Come on guys… Get hungry stop feeding off the tit of Facebook and Twitter. It's up to you, to make the music work.

Diatribe aside, now back to the year…

Daily - The Blog that was meant for (Half of 2012) part 2

After The Forks appearance Daily & Stubby Yellow Bus hit the local tip running. With shows at the Henderson Draft House, Gizzy's and most recently taking over Downtown Transcona as part of the Hi Neighbour Festival and the High Neighbour Show. Not much to say about the Henderson show, as with most CMA show's. It was more of a filler show, where the promoter does very little. But I feel "rapping is like fighting", so sometimes I'll take a show just to kept in fighting shape. The Gizzy's show or in this case Mayhem 3 was a work in progress. We've done a few shows at Gizzy's already and things are growing. But trust me when I say "We have some plan's for Gizzy's and some upcoming shows". As long as the money end of things gets cleared up, you can expect to see Daily & the Stubby Yellow Bus back. So this takes us to what was Dubbed the TakeOver. starting with the Block Party show for The Hi Neighbour Festival. Things went a little rocky with a miss understanding. After I had performed a few of the other artist's were unaware of the no swearing policy and as we tried to inform (remind them) the mic's were hot and some overzealous stage hands pulled the plug and turned out the power. But the purpose of the show was to give back and we did that, made a few new younger Daily fans and even got to perform in front of some of the family. So all win win. Even had a chance the next day to speak to the head promoter of the festival and Daily & Stubby Yellow Bus are (*Spoiler Alert*) already invited back, Next Year. So unless the Boys and Gurls of the Bus are on Tour you can expect us back. So this brings us to the High Neighbour Show Live @ The Central Hotel, what a success of a weekend. The show was off the hook, with only a few issue's arising. The majority of which were line-up related. With a good portion of the line-up arriving at 1130pm or later. This lead to a back up of performers and a few performances been cut short or even left off the show due to time constraints. Lessoned learned, local artist's come early. But like I said it was a great weekend, we had a solid turnout, made some new younger fans and when it came to the 18+ show Daily & the rest of the Stubby Yellow Bus did what they do best… They closed The Show…

So what's in store for the rest of 2012… Well Daily is currently work on a new Album and hoping to update the homesite www.daily31flavors.com … Looking to provide more content and opening the official web based Flavor Shop, so you too can wear your favourite Daily apparel… Including the Daily 31 Flavors T's or our top selling Daily Lick It T's and coming soon… The long awaited reprinting of Daily Shot The Bitch T's…

So in the rest of 2012 you can expect some new trax's, some new Merch and of course some more shows.

Till next update…

Peace, Daily…

Daily - The Blog that wasn't meant for 2011 Part#2

Daily - The Blog that wasn't meant for 2011 Part#2

Good year right, Not even close cause that only takes us halfway through 2011.

In the end of the Summer of 2011 it was decided that the Rise Above Tour was such a success that a second tour, this time of all of Canada, would be even better. The Amazing Rise Above Tour was born. In theory yes it was a good idea but, there had been some fundamental changes. Mostly the other artist's just weren't ready. Now I posted a long status update on Facebook (search Original Daily) that dealt with all the issue's that arose so if you want to search it out, it is there. But I'd rather just say, regardless of the reason's Daily and Khan Vikshyn (a new comer to the tour) were the only ones to make any outta town dates. With the exception of JP Villainy who was already in Toronto when we rolled through. This tour was still fun and Jam packed with stops in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Kamloops, Toronto, Winnipeg etc.… And went right across Canada but was met with a lot more obstacles to overcome and left the majority of the pressure and responsibilities directly on Daily's shoulders. But for one to succeed one has to be willing to risk it all. And with the risk of the Amazing Rise Above Tour Daily was able to play to some of there largest crowds and in Canada's largest city's.

What a year, went out to Toronto twice and toured all of Canada not bad, but we're not done.

To end off the year with a bang, Daily had been talking with JP Villainy and Dope Boi Majik about shooting the music video for their song Fear And Loathing. Now this video was going to be an epic shoot but because of early snow falls and the availability of all the artists The Fear And Loathing video had to be postponed till 2012 respectively but, there was still time to shoot a video. So, after some discussions the plan was hatched to contact Drezden and bring him in to shoot the video for Shine. A three part collaboration was set-up with Drezden taking the least of the responsability. Shine was setup as a single, that was designed to be a track to promote all three artist's as they traveled throughout Canada. But remember Drezden had already bailed on the Amazing Rise Above Tour (even though his official website claims he went, he made one date in his home city of Winnipeg) making the single useless and wasting the other artists time. But with Daily believing in second chances, chose to give Drezden a second chance and see if they couldn't salvage Shine by turning it into a music video . That was the mistake of 2011, working too much with Drezden. Now, Daily had all ready tasted music video success with No Stopping. A music video the year previous that was able to gain well over 10,000 hits to date. Because of his experience Daily was made both Director and Executive Producer. The video shoot for Shine itself was a success. However, just prior to it's release Drezden was no longer working with Daily and JP Villainy for once again, failing to live up to his agreements and then soured on the project. This led to some issues but despite road blocks, Shine was also released and it to seems to be on it's way to success gaining a number of views, to close out 2011.

So, that was 2011. A lot of shows both locally and nationally, proof posers don't make players. Here's to a brand new way to Shine in 2012.


Daily - The Blog that wasn't meant for 2011 Part#1

Daily - The Blog that wasn't meant for 2011 Part#1

Hey, Y'all… So it's Daily getting back into the swing of things with " The Blog that wasn't meant for 2011 ". This is just an update on the activities and going ons that was Daily in 2011. I swear I meant to post this months ago. Say, when we were in 2011 but as you will see… It's been a busy year… So where do we begin? Well 2011 saw the Rise of many things. First and foremost the Local Scene. The Winnipeg scene is seeing a slight resurgence and Daily hasn't been missing out. Keeping busy with numerous projects and performances. Averaging 6 shows a month, quickly making Daily on of the most seen and hardest working performers in the city. This year has seen Daily go from dropping a set at the Republic Nightclub to next week Headlining at the Marquee. Not to mention the many shows over at Dicks Dylan's and a few at the Zoo in Osborne. The switch from venue to venue has been staggering and uplifting as well. Because if you can make it here (Peg City) you can play anywhere. Just meaning there are so few true venue's, that if you wanna eat you'd better be openminded to where your gonna play. And I gotta say at this point, wow what a response. It's been crazy's, so much love from all the fans.

But what has been driving Daily in 2011? Like I said 2011 has brought on a lot of rise's, Just like the Rise Above Tour… If one word sums up Daily in 2011 it's Touring and where else could we start then with the first one in 2011. Wow what a blast the Rise Above Tour was. Taking off east and hitting the road with 3 other MC's JP Villainy, Diverse and Drezden (we'll comeback to Drezden in a minute) Was an experience everyone should have, once in their lifetime. Be it getting lost in Toronto which took us through the gay district of T.O where I saw my first ever drag queen fight, or getting back on course only to find that if your looking for a late night drink you'd better plan ahead… Yeah Toronto has after hour spots but they'll cost you, $25 to get in the door and $10 a drink. $10 a drink I can understand but, $25 each to stand around with some Hipster's swapping stories about how eclectic the city is while spending Daddy's money, just ain't for me, But maybe for others. T.O. is truly the city of ups and downs. One night we're up, like headlining in the heart of Dundas square at The Imperial Pub and the next night we're busking to get people in the door at the Jang Bang. However, ending off our Toronto stopover at Ossington's was a pleasure, crowd was up and drinks where cold. Not to mention we had a Canadian Star stop in and check the show Kenny Hotz also known as Kenny from Kenny vs. Spenny. If your gonna end off a stop in Toronto that's one way to do it… Now of course there was other stops on the tour Thunder Bay, Sault Ste Marie, of course a show in Winnipeg, etc.… But the way the tour was setup, the only town we really had a chance to chill in and check out was in Toronto.

Continued in Part #2

Daily late 2010...

Hey Y'all It's your friendly neighborhood Daily man. Thought I'd let y'all know a little bit about how things have been going for Daily. First I wanna thank all the fans, on all the social sites, and all the fans, all over the world. From Canada to the U.K. to the Uncle Sam himself, it has been crazy with all the luv and all the plays from all over. Like I always say “support local, make global" and my fans have. Did I mention I have the best fans? So let's start, first the new album Daily - Ice Cream Man 31 flavors has topped charts all over North America and the internet. Debuted number one so many times can't even count (again thanks to the fans). From N.W.T to the P.E.I. Canada has been blowing up. Mentioning Canada did a very successful tour out West make several stops in B.C. and Alberta. Hoping to finish up the rest of Canada early 2011 (stay posted). Also new, just finished shooting my first official music video (no Stopping). What a crazy shoot that was, wow. Everything from bottle kids, the 5-0 and a pending lawsuit (more on this story in a few weeks, including the whole story... Stay posted). Well in the short of it the shoot went alright, was one of the craziest and most stressful days of my life. All shot locally in the Peg (that should explain most of it). Either way was a wicked time and is getting edited up as I type. So all and all have been a wicked ride so far and we'll have a lot to cover before the New Year. Same Blog time, same blog channel. Daily.

You Decide...

What a wild ride it's been. Since the last album, I've seen the highest of highs and Lowest of Lowes. I've Loved and Lost and Loved again. I've Rocked stages coast to coast. Sometimes 1st class, sometimes no class. But, I've kept pushing and now it's all worth it. Because, now the masterpiece is done. Daily Ice Cream man (31 flavors and not a dame ones free). This new addition to the Stubby Yellow Bus family once again proves "Daily is the best free agent on the market today". And you can believe that. Now you’re probably thinking next... Another boast full rapper, with nothing to say. Think again cause these ones are all bangers, with little boasts. I tell stories, some hard (Dope "n" paper), some struggling (Half a Lite) but, always striving for the top (No Stopping). But I'll let you be the Judge; this is my internet call... Help me pick the new Single. All new trax's have been posted and before I begin the big market push I wanna hear from You? So drop a comment, send an msg or even email. daily204@gmail.com There not much time. So vote soon, Vote often