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Buckaroo Man

Look for our new single Buckaroo Man to debut at Fenway Park on Saturday April 14th as the introduction song for starting pitcher Clay Buchholz in 2012. The song will be released to digital retailers that day as well. I'm really looking forward to making a lot of exciting announcements in the next few weeks, so keep checking the website or facebook/twitter/youtube/myspace/etc/etc/etc. Here's the first......I am now being managed by Platinum Marketing International out of Boston, MA. A lot of great opportunities have already come from the partnership and I'm really excited to work with these guys. Aside from that I will still be releasing my albums through my own label, however Westward Entertainment out of Denver, CO will take over day to day functions of Palomino Records. To contact Platinum Marketing International or Westward Entertainment just visit www.RodneyHayden.com

Mark your calendars for April 14 to download your copy of Buckaroo Man & I hope to see you all soon.

Rodney Hayden Pleasanton, TX