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Alverson scores British Film "Silver"

American Composer Lee Alverson recently composed the score for the British Film "Silver". The Film had its debut on June 16, 2015 at London's Genesis Theatre and was screened on June 17 by The BFI (British Film Institute) for inclusion in The London Film Festival. #filmmaker #score # music #music #composer

Alverson's hit song is #1 on the N1M Film music chart

#1 on the N1M Charts (film music chart) #29 on the World Chart and #8 on the United States Chart : "Love comes calling on you"

Alverson to perform at GalleriE Chiz Art Gallery

Lee Alverson will be performing original piano compositions at GalleriE Chiz Art Gallery in Pittsburgh on June 5th 5:30- 8 pm. Open to the public.

Alverson's Latest Score is Masterful and Magnificent

"American Composer Lee Alverson's latest score "Mariner's Journey" is a profoundly moving piece of music that perfectly captures the imagery of a tall ship with huge masts sailing across vast expanses of ocean... Masterful & Magnificent." - Movie Music Soundtracks

American Composer Lee Alverson releases new Classical/ Film Score Genre piece

"Mariner's Journey" Featuring multi wind, string and horn arrangements : https://soundcloud.com/#lee-alverson/mariners-journey

Lee Alverson composes new "Mariners" Score

Classical / Film Score "Mariner's Journey" is Lee Alverson's latest piece featuring various wind , string , and horn arrangements.

Famous Piano Player Makes Appearance


Flight 93 Memorial - 10 Year Anniversary Music Composed by Lee Alverson


Lee Alverson Composes Official Music of the American Bald Eagle Foundation


Original song composed for Flight 93 Memorial Site