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Well the 28th was a de-bunked set!

Ok ok.. I'm not going to say much about the 28th show. But I will say one thing, I am having a many of second thoughts in staying with Afton shows. The show managers are always a hassle to work with, and that's all I'm going to say about that! Love to play guitar still but wow I have never been treated like that before. All I can do is stay focused and look positive as I move on with my days. Oh hey and a Big Birthday Shout to MUAH!! I turned 23 today.. That means I was born 23 years ago... yeah! haha, ok, so now.. I am working on outing together a lot more work and we'll all see how it turns out! love you guys and stay fresh.

Road to the 28th, August, 2011

Hey Chris here! I'm getting all of my levels set and working up a good show for you guys. I'm not such a performer but I love to play guitar, and play guitar I will! I have a good grove list setup that, for me, I set as a musical emotional force that will change styles and elements on how I will be playing and having to make adjustments very fast and adapt to the next grove change. I think this show will be great.

I can't wait to do it and post video for all you that miss it.

If you are looking for tickets please please please, PLEASE!! go to: www.aftonshows.com/chrisv Use the promo code: CHRIS617 and get $2.00 off tickets but the promo ends on August 9th so don't wait!! it will be cheaper than buying them from me and way cheaper than buying at the door!

Thank you for all of your support and keep the real music going!

Also Jessica will be performing with me again this time to another classic more modern track. You guys will love it. Come down to Station 4, Downtown Saint Paul on August 28th! Don't wanna miss this one!