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Drummer and Bassist FOUND!

Hey everyone,

We've enlisted Masie Autorino (drums) and Aaron Wright (bass) to aid us in our journey of rock. They will be joining us on stage sometime in the near future. Stay tuned!


Origins of The Aeon Flow: Bert

I've come to realize, over the past couple of months, how I've found myself through music. I was distracted as a kid. I didn't pursue anything more than getting home to play video games or watch t.v. I spent the first 12 or so years in this manner, consumed with nothing.

My father bought me a drum set for christmas one year. I think I was 13. At first I had little interest, but after witnessing several of my sisters friends play my drums successfully, I caught the bug.

I started high school joined my first band. I don't think we did much of anything. One year later, I started a new school. I met up with a couple of musicians on my first day. Within a week I was playing keyboards for their band. I needed a good keyboard, but they knew a guy who's keys we could borrow. It ended up being this guy from my english class, Shane Varnadore.

My stay in the band was brief, but Shane and I remained friends. We discussed starting a band, with him on bass and myself on drums. Before anything came to fruition, I was recruited to play drums in another lineup. I met Bryan Sheirling while I worked as a dishwasher in a BBQ shack.

Another short lived lineup with me on drums and Bryan on vocals was followed by my plunge into the world of guitarists. I took a liking to the guitar when I was 16 and soon traded the sticks for picks. Bryan and I continued as a duo for a while, until I started taking my guitar to school with me.

A friend turned me on to Tenacious D around this time as well. One fateful lunch period, I began to play the greatest song in the world....Tribute. Shane started singing along, and suddenly we had the room captivated. It was the craziest thing. Many rock/lunch sessions followed, and soon we began to draw a crowd. So I invited Shane to jam with Bryan and myself.

Shane, Bryan and I jammed as Something in Nothing for about 3 years. We practiced and wrote songs and practiced and tried designing album art and practiced and recorded ourselves and practiced and then we practiced. We only played two parties in that time, but we still grew tremendously as musicians.

2008 saw the departure of Bryan and the end of Something In Nothing. Shane, who was primarily singing backup in S.I.N, stepped up to the task of lead singer. In the late summer of 08 new material began to emerge. At the time, we were both under going a massive personal awakening to the nature of our society and life in general. Some of our earliest songs, such as "Take This," "New Kind Of Breed," "Accused," and "The Spire" are reflections of this.

By January 2009, we had seven original tunes and were searching for a name. I thought it would be cool if our name were an anagram. We tried various words until Shane suggested finding an anagram for The Law of One. I plugged it into an online anagram generator, and after sifting through a couple of thousand of combinations we landed upon The Aeon Flow. Our movement officially had a title.

Just over a year later, I have the music bug more than ever. We released our demo January 1st 2010, and stayed busy through the spring working on our 1st EP as well as gigging out. As I type this, we are on the verge of releasing the EP and have managed to generate some interest locally. So much has happened, yet still more is waiting, and I will embrace every moment of it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.