I Love Hearing New Bands For The First Time!!!

Especially when they ROCK!!! What's up, everybody, time for your update on what's goin' on w/ SIXandTWENTY! We played a great show @ Karma w/ Tragedy Chapter and some new friends named "Degrees of Leverage", a self-proclaimed Hardcore band from right here in the Upstate! Check 'em out here on reverbnation! And no, I didn't almost kill myself on the brick wall this time. The video for "Death Bed" is almost done. Huzzah! Garrett Williams has been slaving away on this for quite some time now, and he's sent some pretty cool eye-candy this week! Some fixes and effects smoothing are coming, and hopefully we'll have something for all of you soon! Work on the new songs is progressing rapidily, and we debuted one of them, called "Flies", at the Karma show, to very enthusiastic responses! Sketches for two new songs and a couple interludes are taking shape, and we are just tickled pink by how they are turning out. More on that soon... Rocktoberfest is this weekend, check the "Events" page for directions, info, and whatnot. That's all for now, keep checking back for more SIXandTWENTY news! See you soon, Scott of SIXandTWENTY www.sixandtwentyband.com

Karl Sanders' Guitar Rig Is The Bomb...

Yeah, that's right. Mr. Sanders, guitarist, vocalist of Nile (and all around cool dude), graced the stage at Simpsonville's "The House." Karl was guest lead guitarist for the band Psycho Spoon, which also featured the amazing Pete Hammoura on drums (who, it turns out, used to play with Nile as well!). The music was a lot different from what you usually hear from Nile, more of a late 80's early 90's metal vibe. And the Rob Zombie cover was sweet, too! After PS blistered through their set, Dogfight took the stage. Now, here's the thing about Dogfight - they play GOOD metal covers. Stuff you wish you could play, like: Lamb of God, Megadeth, and even Dream Theater. "Can they pull it off?" you may ask. Yes. Yes, they can! It was during their version of Metallica's "Leper Messiah" I realized just what was going on. And it was something special, too! After this auditory decimation took place, we finally took the stage and played our hearts out. Since it was after midnight, the crowd had thinned out a little, but boy, were they enthusiastic! It's nice to be appreciated once in a while, isn't it? After the set, we sold some shirts & cds, signed a couple of things for some nice folks, and called it an evening. And yes, Karl's rig IS the bomb. Next show is in Greenville @ Karma, and I can't wait! I have a bone to pick with a brick wall over there... See you on the road, Scott of SIXandTWENTY www.sixandtwentyband.com sixandtwentytheband@gmail.com

Post show notes from the Handlebar

It's disheartening sometimes when you see the results of MONTHS of promotion for a show that is scheduled with another in the same area by a bigger name. That is, until you realize that THESE guys that show up are the real deal. That they stand up at the stage and rock out with you on EVERY SONG. That they show true appreciation for what you're trying to convey. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thanks to ALL who showed up and had a great time at the Handlebar with us last week. No new injuries from the band (lol), on the contrary, we discovered that Harold's problem with his wrist was a hyper-extended tendon - something easily remedied with a week off... Good thing we had that gig cancellation, eh? Let's talk about new music for a minute. We are in process of writing the second SIXandTWENTY album. We have about 4 complete songs and 2 "interludes" or "openings" (haven't quite yet figured out what to call them). I am pleased to say that this is the best SIXandTWENTY material to date. No bull. Everyone who has heard the demos so far agrees. Excitement abounds in the band camp, as we have not only some incredible musical ideas to share, but some profound statements, as well. More on this as it arises... Don't forget to check www.sixandtwentyband.com, facebook, myspace, and reverbnation for updates. Comments are always welcome! See you soon, Scott of SIXandTWENTY

"I heard you ate it..." part 2

Day Three: Back to Greenville, SC, Karma (formerly Medusa’s, formerly Gypsy G’s, formerly whatever…) Jamming with Whiskey Mountain Machine is ALWAYS a blast! We were the openers that night, so I was looking forward to sitting at the merch table after the show (as is my custom) and getting to enjoy listening to two other bands. We sound checked to the untitled piece again, this time giving the locals a tad bit more than the night before. Same response! I think we’re on to something here. Afterward, while chatting with Kevin the sound guy (who did an AMAZING job, by the way), he wanted to show me some pics on his Myspace page. Pics of him holding Steve Vai’s #1 white Ibanez Jem. Wow. Now here’s where the bruises come in… Alright. Picture this: It’s about five minutes until we go on. I’m up in the sound booth (about 2.5 feet higher than the floor level). Someone yells at Kevin to come around to the front. I step off the platform onto a make-shift step. The next thing I know, Dean and Kevin have both my arms trying to stand me on my feet. Apparently, the step broke and instead of just going down, I somehow ended up flying back, where my head bounced off a BRICK WALL. Yeah. Ow. As I’m gathering my senses, everyone was asking me if I was OK. By the way I fell, they must have thought I was dead at first. BUT, after a few minutes of catching my breath and making sure nothing was broken, I got up, went to the stage, and played one of the best shows of my musical career. This doesn’t mean, however, that this will be my new pre-show ritual Afterward, as we were loading out, I ALMOST fell off of the new concrete ramp the venue had placed for bands to roll equipment on! At this point I looked at Keith from Whiskey Mountain Machine and asked if he had heard what had happened earlier, and he replied, with the biggest grin I have ever seen: “Yeah, I heard you ate it.” Classic. Then, my car tried to eat me… Thanks to Whiskey Mountain Machine, Tragedy Chapter and Karma. Great show, good times. Day Four: 93.3 The Planet’s Upstate Unsigned Dean took a solo trip to the 93.3 studios and hung out with Twisted Todd and some of Meatcurtain’s crew to promote the upcoming Handlebar show. Todd played “Gospel Of Murder.” Man, I still get chills every time I hear one of our songs on the radio… That’s about it. This week consists of loading in to the rehearsal space, rehearsing for the weekend, and loading out again. Why can’t we find roadies?!?! Oh, and if anyone wants to get in some shows, for free, we are looking for a band photographer. Send inquiries to sixandtwentytheband.com See you on the road! Scott of SIXandTWENTY www.sixandtwentyband.com

"I heard you ate it..." part 1

“I heard you ate it…” Hey guys (and gals!), this is Scott from SIXandTWENTY with your semi-weekly dose of news, views, and BRUISES (this week, anyway) from our world. I hope the opening quote grabbed your attention. I’ll give you the scoop on that in a little bit. So, as a late, great member of Monty Python once said, “Let’s begin at the beginning…” Our trek across two states began Thursday, August the 26th in Greenville, SC at the Haywood Mall, where Tyler, Dean, and I gathered together with some of our fans at the local Hot Topic for a CD listening party. This was Day One of what I have affectionately dubbed the “Four Day Mini Tour.” Let me personally thank the staff at that particular store, as they were the friendliest, accommodating, and just downright NICE folks we have worked with in this particular kind of setting. They were VERY enthusiastic about the event, and made us feel quite at home. After a small stall in the start time due to audio problems, things were in full swing and people began to make their way to the back of the store when they realized that the band they were listening to was actually in the back of the store! We sold some cds, signed a few of them, and gave out TONS of stickers. Great day for SIXandTWENTY! Day Two: Asheville NC, The Boiler Room. You get to see all kinds of things on the road. Up until this point I thought I had seen road rage. I was wrong. The trip took a turn for the worse, when at about 25 – 30 miles outside of Asheville traffic literally came to a standstill. Construction, and lots of it. Let me take just a moment to say that I am sick and tired of seeing a road crew of about 10 guys “working.” That actually translates to 2 or 3 guys doing actual WORK, and about 7 or 8 GENIUSES standing around doing nothing. Anyway, back to the story… As we crawled along we began to see signs for the closure of the far right lane. Well, anyone who drives knows how this goes: Speed Racer clones who think they can pull off this lane change at the last second wait and then hold up traffic as the merge right the closure. Usually right in front of you. To keep traffic moving at some sort of pace instead of stop-go, a couple of drivers in front of us created a barrier, by driving side-by-side and at the same speed. Then came the jerk in the Mercedes and his crazy girlfriend. Let’s just say a one point this girl was hanging outside the passenger window of this vehicle screaming at the top of her lungs for these two cars to get out of their way. Well, that’s not exactly what she said, but you get the picture. I swear we thought that someone was about to get shot. Most anxious time I have ever had driving at five miles an hour Finally, we reached The Boiler Room. We had performed at this venue before, under the moniker “Threshold,” and were excited to return with the new name and an arsenal of new songs. We sound checked with a “blurb” of a new, as-of-yet-untitled song that we have been working on, and, much to our surprise, we were very pleased when folks wanted us to continue! But, as it is a work in progress, we decided that discretion is the better part of valor, and left ‘em wanting more… Thanks to the guys in all the other bands, as we had a great time that evening. Then, the drive home. The TWO HOUR drive home. At 3:00 in the morning… To be continued...

Wettest weekend EVER......

After a somewhat dry spell here in the deep South, the rains have come. No, I'm not being metaphorical, they REALLY came. And hard. The drive to The Ultimate Basement was a pleasant one, with many laughs being had by the guys as we made our way into the NC mountains. Load out was fine, evryone was cool, and the bands played, sweated, and consumed MUCH bottled water (no AC!)on into the night. Much thanks to Gerb and the crowd there, as they responded quite vocally (and positively!) after each song. This is one of the things people need to understand about bands: WE CRAVE FEEDBACK! Nothing's worse than the *chirp* *chirp* of crickets after you bust your rear end playing your most difficult song flawlessly. I mean, sometimes even a heckler is better than nothing. At least it gives us something to feed off of. Back to the story.... Breakdown after the show went rather smoothly, and we had plenty of help. EXCEPT for the raging rainstorm that had apparently begun while I was running sound for the last band. How I missed such a downpour is anybody's guess, especialy since entrance to this particular venue is facilitated by 2 large garage bay doors. Ha. And we call Tyler Mr. Observant... How did I miss that?!? Needless to say, we were able to back our trailer into the bay door, and load up with nary a piece of equipment getting wet. Meanwhile, the rain decided to move into the Greenville, SC area, site of the next evening's show at Meatheads. We arrived at downtown in the pouring rain (isn't that in a song?) and sent Tyler inside to see if we could procure SOMETHING to cover our gear with during the load in. Imagine our surprise when he called us from inside the club with the news that the area we were to set up in was under about six to eight inches of water! No show for us. Meatheads was nice enough to go ahead and reschedule (we'll have the date up soon!) And that was that. Harold's B-Day is Today, and he's taking a much-needed vacation after rehearsal. Send him well wishes if you like! Remember: FEEDBACK. Hopefully we're all dryed out by now.... See you on the road soon! Scott of SIXandTWENTY

Airtime And Appreciation..

Wow. In the many years I've been playing music, a new first: my band was played on TWO radio stations tonight! The SIXandTWENTY machine is on full throttle, and we won't be running out of fuel any time soon!!! ROCK 101 (the local classic rock station, and #1 station in the region, by the way), has a local music show called "Fresh Tracks." Hosted by on-air personality Brian Blades, this show brings in every type of music, from Jam Bands to Metal. We got a full 30 minutes of LIVE airtime, and 3 songs were played! Thanks again to Brian Blades, a true class act. 93.3 The Planet is the local Modern/Hard Rock station that features "Upstate Unsigned" hosted by Twisted Todd. We have been regulars on the show since the release of our CD, but you aren't guaranteed plays every week. Imagine our surprise when it was announced that we were on the playlist this week, too! Thanks to Twisted and the Upstate Crew, you guys have been there from the start! Rehearsal Monday and Wednesday this week, then off to Greenville and Mills Gate... See you on the road soon, Scott of SIXandTWENTY

Man, is it hot or what? & Inside a WORKING BAND

Usualy I break off into band stuff right off the bat, but I'd just like to say : "No AC in the practice room SUCKS!" I like drinking water just as much as the next guy, but when I have to drink about a gallon in the space of two hours to keep from passing out, something's wrong! Anyway, back to what you're here for! It's really nice being in a band with three other guys who actualy want to acomplish something. Don't get me wrong, I've been in several bands before, but none that have the drive to not only set goals, but the gumption to see that those goals are met. Band meetings are held before EVERY practice, not just when some problem raises it's ugly head. Each member has certain things they are responsible for, and ALL of us hold each other accountable if the proverbial "ball is dropped." Being in a working band is just that. It's a lot of WORK. But it's worth it. Every hour spent typing online, inviting friends, posting status changes, writing music, checking PA, maintaining instruments, doing interviews, etc, etc... makes it all worthwhile when you get that new fan, or look out in the crowd and see that the folks who paid their hard-earned dollars feel their getting their money's worth. Well, enough of the soapbox. The four new songs sound GREAT! Much more complex in terms of meter, timing, and technicality than stuff on "Vein" (available online @ www.sixandtwentyband.com!), and we think the subject matter will feed your mind a little more, as well. Rehearsal for the next couple of weeks will consist of: a)Going through the current setlists for upcoming shows, b)going over the new tunes, & c)writing more new stuff. Sounds like a blast, huh? Well.... IT IS!!!! More ramblings coming soon... Your replies and comments are more than welcome. See you soon, Scott of SIXandTWENTY www.sixandtwentyband.com

Gearing Up!

Five days left until we debut on Rock 101! Hopefully we can post a link so those outside the listening area can stream it LIVE! Rehearsal consisted of running through the sets for the next couple of shows and the four new ones. Harold and Dean will be showing us some ideas for three more next rehearsal! Dean has revamped the home site, check it out here: www.sixandtwentyband.com Thanks to all of you SIXandTWENTY supporters out there! We are steadily climbing the charts here @ REVERBNATION! Let's shoot for #1!! See you guys tomorrow night! Scott of SIXandTWENTY

Saturday Workout

Very productive today. Managed to actualy get the music for all four new songs recorded in practice. I wish I could devulge the story behind what we're working on, but that'll just have to wait. Can't give everything away now, can we? I'll begin the editing process for these new pieces, and MAYBE we'll have some snippets for you. MAYBE... Also started reheasing the sets for upcoming shows this month. Lots going on, stay posted to ReverbNation for more blogs! See ya soon, Scott of SIX and TWENTY www.sixandtwentyband.com