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Scarlettta Named As One Of Nashville's Top Trios in Lifestyles Magazine

Written By: Nashville Lifestyles Photographers: The Tennessean It won’t be long before country-rock fans begin catching “Scarletta Fever” — the band just started a new journey with lead singer Emilee Allan. Composed of the trio fiddle player Nathan Stoops, guitarist Benji Harris, vocalist Allan they're currently working on a new record.

Best Days: 2009–present

Big Hit to Come: “Find Me” 2014 -

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Amazing Trio Band Scarletta

Hey guys! So most of you have probably noticed that I've had a lot going on lately, not only am I now the new lead singer of the amazing trio band Scarletta, but we are on our tour in the Midwest!! And I've been having the time of my life!! One day I was walking dogs, and the next I was sitting in Rusty's office at Average Joes Mgmt. meeting the dudes that would soon change my life and help me to become the musician I've always aspired to be.. These past two months I've already played over 35 live shows with the band, recorded an entire album and met tons of new loving, excepting fans. I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity to show you guys how much I want this, music is what brings me the most happiness in this world. And these past two months, though they've been extremely busy, have been the best, most happiest times of my life. Our Album will be for sale in a month! I hope everyone is as excited about this transition as I am. If you liked my first album, I think you will definitely dig this new harmony sound we've got going on. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Scarlettatrio and on twitter @Scarletta3. If you guys have any questions for me I'd be glad to get into the details, just message me and we can chat!!

Thank you all for your amazing love and support, I can't wait to see where this journey will take me. "Find happiness in everything you do, and never stop striving to improve."


Cathylw64  (over 3 years ago)

Emilee Allan, I'm so Proud of you! Congrats on your adventure of a lifetime with the wonderful band Scarletta! You guys seem so connected! Just the right fit! What a fantastic experience to belong to a group of talented musicians, "Be who you are, Hold on tight,crazy ride;-) "

Hey guys

Hey guys! It feels so good to be back in Tennessee again. For the month of June I was out in LA doing demos and checkin out the ocean! :p since I've been back I've co-wrote with --Preston Brust and Jaron Boyer We've got some awesome material for y'all in the near future! I also got fantastic news today, I will be opening for -- Eric Beddingfeld on August 8th at 12th and Porter at 7:30!! I'm very excited and I hope to see many of you there. oo and I almost forgot! June was my birthday month!! Happy Birthday Gemini's!

May was Busy

May was a busy Month! I've had so much inspiration lately that song writing has been a breeze. Im so happy to have the new support of over 100 radio stations downloading my songs. I’d like to thank them all for the support. It means so much to me to see people appreciating and digging my original music! :)

My song Crazy Ride was honored by H Music as May's Song of the Month, Thanks again Also Crazy Ride was in the top 5 for May SingerUniverse “Best Vocalist ofthe Month” Competition Nathan Miles and I where on WNIT tv again performing "Crazy Ride", if you get a chance take a listen!

Home in Nashville

Hi Everyone, I'm getting settled in to Nashville, everyone is so nice. Mckenzies Mill band have learn a some of my I songs they let me get up on stage and sing a couple. Last week Nate and I recorded a couple of song for WNIT tv, one of my home town stations and one of the songs is airing tonight. I will post a link later if you miss it. Working on getting some radio play and OutboundMusic is currently playing my song 10 min before every hour till the end of March if get a chance. If anyone knows a radio station you can send them to Radio Submit to download

January update

WOW!! It has been to long time since my last post.

Since the George Jones concert I have moved to Nashville the first of November with my sister Amanda, she is still looking for a job. In December I sang my 9 songs and the world famous place 12th & Porter. Then we went home for xmas till after the new year.

The BIGGEST NEWs is my CD is out and on Itunes and CDbaby. and youtube for your listening pleasure

My sister and I are back in are apartment in Nashville ready to take on new challenges for 2012.

I met with my producer Kent Wells to see what was next and he has arranged for me to sing at

3rd and Lindsey in Nashville on January 24, 2012, there has been a lot of great artist that have song there “I am very excited”.

Most of you have seen my posts of my CD Release Concert January 28, 2012 at The Lerner Theater in Elkhart, IN.

That’s it in a nut shell am working on keeping this more up to date but thank you to everyone for your support!!!

Emilee Allan

Radio Interview

News!! Emilee Allan is going to be on The Southern Star Network.

This Friday Oct. 1. We broadcast live Friday's at 7 pm, est USA.

If you miss Me Live, The show stays up for one week on site http://thesouthernstar.org/ The Southern Star Network is one of the most listened to Country Rock, Pop music, satellite/online broadcasts in the World.

The show is broadcast simultaneously and on delay on our site The Southern Star.Org, AFN Europe (pending), SBS Satellite - Optus B1 (South Pacific including Australia and New Zealand), CET Teleport - Eurobird 9A (Europe and North Africa).

They are now syndicated on Tradewinds Radio. This has expanded our audience, via FM broadcast, to the Bahamas, Caribbean, Central America, Mexico and parts of Southern Florida.

They average 1.7 million plays per show and it has been going up each week by 8%.

Thanks for all the Support!!!!

Song updates

To all my fans. I have been hard at work in the studio and three songs are complete. Now the Mix and Master begins, Thanks Everyone for being patient I know its been a long time but finally getting there.

Cathylw64  (over 6 years ago)

Emilee going to go to the site and buy this one great song