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Perpetual Mixtape Review By. Rachel Phillips

Mixtape Review Jay Scales in ‘Perpetual’ Motion

By: Rachel Phillips

The hip hop artist, Jay Scales prides himself on being a fresh face and breath of fresh air in the hip hop community. I would be inclined to agree with him. His second mixtape, Perpetual which was released for digital download on September 30, 2015 at jayscalesmusic.com is not your typical rap mixtape. It is not the materialistic, misogynistic and over glorified lifestyle tirades plunked over rhythmic beats that have come to represent the norm of mainstream rap.

Instead, this 18 track mixtape highlights pieces of Jay Scales’ life and the circumstances that have brought him to where he is today, which is not only fighting for the throne of hip hop, but the success and glory that comes with it.

Perpetual is full of tracks with catchy beats and vivid wordplay such as ‘110 Percent’ and ‘Learn A Lesson’ which describes Jay Scales’ hustle and optimism of a successful and promising future. Then there is ‘Stoner Life’ which tells of his propensity to partake in the usage of marijuana while ‘Criminal Minded’ on the other hand speaks on his troublesome and youthful days. On ‘Solo Dolo’ Jay Scales shows his boldness by telling of the guiding forces in his life which is based on his Christian faith.

Perpetual has a unique sound and tracks that can resonate with almost anyone. Perpetual, tells the story of Jay Scales, who is making perpetual strides towards a greater goal. After listening to this mixtape you can only be left wondering where will Jay Scales the Harlem born, DC raised and exit strategist of life be seen next. Let him tell it -- on billboards.

Perpetual The Muvie Video

I need your help with getting this project out. I need everyone who has seen my "Perpetual" effort to secure a successful career in Hip-Hop. I'm not looking for a record deal because I am the record label. October 11, 2015 will be my second year as a independent artist and I have not slowed down. Now, this is where I need your help. "Perpetual" The Muvie Video is a compilation of the works of Jay Scales as a Creative Director. From song writing to script writing to Photography and Videography Jay Scales has made a "Perpetual" effort to create art. I'm getting closer to filming my first short film but I need a bigger audience. The best way you can help is share it with your friends and family. Spread the word! #PerpetualTheMixtape #StacktownEntertainment #TellaFriendToTellaFriend https://youtu.be/IfX5bevSJIk

New Mixtape Coming September!!!

I'm now ready to step on the scene! Watch the movement move!!! #Perpetual https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=00eJggYVldE

I'm just saying...

I been getting this bread and I don't need you all in my loaf.


Soon to be amongst the hip-hop elites, Jay Scales is on a rise to superstardom. Hailing from Washington, DC by way of Harlem, NY, Jay Scales has made a perpetual effort to keep focus on his music goals. Now after twelve years, Jay Scales is ready to execute his hip-hop agendas. Free spirited and gifted Jay Scales has effortlessly entertains. As a youth Jay Scales would freestyle and remix songs that played on the radio. At the age of 15 he wrote what would be his first forty-eight bars. The reactions received from others encouraged Jay Scales and from that point on Jay knew the power he possessed. While attending Eastern senior high school in Washington, DC he molded his craft. Known as “The rapper New York”, Jay Scales would cypher and battle his schools mates. This became ritual and standards were set early and cyphers continued until the time of Jay Scales’ graduation in 2002. After graduation, Jay Scales wanted to be a Hip-hop artist. He turned down a baseball scholarship at TSU and instead and became a DC Fire cadet. Jay Scales’ work ethic caught the eye of high-ranking officials in the fire department after he put together a high school job fair. The school hadn’t had one in over 15 years at the time. Jay Scales was convinced that if he became a DC Fire Fighter he would be able to fund his music career and have all the time off to complete the task. The sergeant’s words inspired Jay Scales and he accepted the offer to become a firefighter. Only July 15, 2002 he became a DC firefighter/EMT. In 2006 Jay Scales became settled in the fire department. At that point he expanded his mission. Jay Scales decided to take a break from music. Jay Scales adopted Photography and Videography as a way to network. The decision to focus on film and photography would prove to be the end of his career as a Firefighter/EMT. December 1, 2006 was when Jay Scales established Stacktown Entertainment as his record label. He realized the opportunity that waited him if he could just be patient and grind. For eight years Jay scales laid wait in the shadows, and now he is ready to brush shoulders with the stars! Jay Scales brings a breathe of fresh air to the Hip Hop arena. Equipped with lyrics, punch lines and various flow Jay Scales is overly qualified to fill the void spaces in hip hop. Jay Scales intends to assist in bringing conscious hip-hop to the forefront becoming one of the elite members of the industry. Spring 2015 marks to beginning of the tale of a boy turned man in the land of the bullies.

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Exit Strategy

Why keep doing something you don't love? Do like I did. Come up with a plan, stick to it and you will be on your way! #ExitStrategy

National Reconition

Can you hear me out there? I will be releasing 4 new songs this week. Be on the look out!! In the mean time... Check out the coming!!!http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/12614193

Emergency Musical Services

Fact: The music industry is in need of a help. I am a nationally registered EMT and I intend to deliver quality Emegency Musical Sevices ... Jay Scales