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H.aving A.nger T.owards E.veryone R.eaching S.uccess: It is a shock to see how jealous folks get when other folks are doing well. Why do we as fans make it so hard to support artists??? Writing versus/hooks/songs is not easy...songs don't write themselves...after it is on paper then it must be recorded...studio time cost $$$...we put blood, sweat and tears into the things we do and it is a slap in the face to downplay the work put in as "garbage" or "wack". My biggest issue is that people/fans are afraid to open their minds, these same people have trouble dealing with change. Don't be afraid to try something new whether its food, music or whatever...open your ears, eyes, heart and your brain...Music is a way of one to express their thoughts and feelings. If you don't like what u hear then maybe it is not the fault of the artist who is doing what they love by keeping it alive...maybe its you, the so called fan....Break down the barriers that isolate you from the creativity that surrounds you!

You definitely have the right to your own opinion but perhaps your opinion is wrong...open yourself up to whats around you...or you may miss something relevant...peace

what's your favorite music era???

I love where hip hop is right now...it needs life breathed back n to it...new artist have a chance to get music to the world quick n efficiently...the quality of music produced is low but the opportunity to make the most of music is upon us...this age of hip hop should b referred to as the revolutionary era...the golden age was the foundation...this is the evolution!!!

Preacher Organizes Burning Of The Holy Quran

Americans cease to amaze me...if you haven't heard about this dude Terry Jones from Florida, you've got to know what he's up to. This fool organized a burning of the Holy Quran!!!!! This has became a worldwide slap in the face to the Muslim community. He was pushing for this mass burning on the anniversary of 9/11! (what a fucking greedy asshole, dude is thriving for attention)The cold part about it is that what he is doing is supported by the U.S. Constitution freedom of speech...it's like when you see demonstrations of students burning chairs or extremist burning flags but this hits an all new low. There are proud American Muslims living in this "WONDERFUL" country of ours causing no trouble at all...Why single out a whole religion...I know it just makes him look like an idiot but how can you explain the gathering of idiots following him...un-fuckin-believable! The hate and spite that other countries harbor toward us has been intensified. His cop out was that he would cancel the ceremony if a mosque that is planned to be built NEAR ground zero is relocated. Its no wonder Americans and "America" is hated, its due to our misrepresentation of naive individuals. Hopefully the world can see that one person does not speak for all people...

The Oscar Grant Execution

a judge somewhere let another policeman get away wit murder. Oscar Grant's murder was just that....murder. a white man killed an unarmed black man and they call this involuntary manslaughter...w.hat t.he f.uck!?!?!? this is shady shit America!!! Fact: Nobody on the jury claims "Black" as an ethnicity. This means that a white policeman was tried without a black face in the jury. Question: Are we fighting the same battles our father's and grandfather's fought? if so, that means we must respond, not retaliate, in similar structure. we overcame discrimination and adversity once, and this may be our call to stand up for righteousness again. we are not doormats to be stepped upon. we are not higher nor are we lower than the next man. the only qualities that differentiate us from each other is material. we are all human beings. united we stand and divided we fall. the future is in our hands...how will you mold it. Oscar Grant's future was horrifically taken away... the brother was executed!!! Don't be naive to injustice, regardless if it wears a badge.