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stars aligning

The path has been arduous. It has been very fulfilling. I wrote a song looking up at the mountain I had to climb in the spring of 07. It is called the Other Side. I will record it someday. One line says I know I have friends in the faces I have met. During that spring of independence my job at the coffee shop was so pivotal in my life. I realized I was ok as a person. I saw that I could be funny. That I could connect with people and it gave me back my self respect and esteem. I was able to leave a bad situation and become who I was/am meant to be. I know I am on the right path. Things do not just unfold this way,doors just do not open. I know I have friends in the faces I have met.

Larry Garrett
Larry Garrett  (over 5 years ago)

Never saw this blog, Paula. Probably because I didn't get back on Reverbnation until last week...lol......Anyway, I remember you in 07, and at the coffee shop. We played a lot of music there. Glad you climbed the mountain.......You were always a sweet gal, but I guess you had to see it for yourself. Climbing the mountain was what you had to do for the view. I'm glad you climbed it. And "yes," you have a lot of friends.....Johnny Cash once said in response to an interviewer saying that lots of people idolized Cash and wanted to be like him-----"Everybody wants to be somebody, but you've got to be who you've got to be." Think about it. It's true. All of us songwriter types have dreams of being somebody, but we've got to be who we've got to be. I've got to be me, and you my friend have become you---and that's a real good thing........God Bless you, kid..