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Changed Facebook Pages!!

No one could find my Facebook fan page because it was the wrong one! I added the right page now were all back on track ^.^

New Songs Coming!!!!

Have two new songs coming in the next two weeks! Be on the lookout for them both!!

Broke Bi*** Anthem

I just uploaded a new song called Broke Bitch Anthem which is a parody song to Hoodrich Anthem by DJ Scream! The music video to the song is coming soon! Be on the look out! Any other songs you want me to make a parody of? Let me know! -Christoso Day

I'm here!

I haven't really been showing my reverb or my fans any attention!! So I'm just letting everyone know I'm still here! Starting by posting a new song today! Title "Broke Bi*** Anthem" which is a parody of the song Hoodrich Anthem by DJ Scream! Check it out! Share! And thanks for the love!