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Cheer Squad - New Single & Video!

Cheer Squad is our first digital single...it is a high-energy bolt from the zeitgeist... it’s a song about social media and not fitting in with the crowd, with an attitude that harks back to the 70’s punk era. The song is driven by inter-weaving guitars and runaway train rhythm section reminiscent of the kind of rock’n’roll that Motorhead, Thin Lizzy and The Hellacopters do so well... but the lyrics and subject matter are NOW!! The song could have or should have been on the next Leadfinger album but the band decided it deserved it’s own place in the world... check out the accompanying stop motion animated video for Cheer Squad here...


Cheer Squad was recorded in mid 2015 when we spent a few weeks in Linear Recording Studio (Leichardt, NSW) recording a new album called FRIDAY NIGHT HEROES that will be out later this year on the Conquest of Noise label.

Cheer Squad is a non-album exclusive single release and is backed up by The Man I Used to Be, a preview track from the upcoming album. Those that buy the single over the next month or so will also get an amazing non-album bonus track called Three Brothers. Three great songs for $4....buy it here...


Ripped Genes & Analogue Dreams

Howdy, long time no speak, we spent the whole of winter recording a new album - started out doing the beds at Sydney's Defwolf Studios and then did all the fiddly bits at Leadfinger's own Rendezvous Studio in the northern Illawarra region of NSW. Finally got the album finished and mastered a few weeks ago - the artwork has already been done too - hard to believe, this year has flown so fast and now we are doing some gigs.

For the true fans out there we have put together a new little CD/Ep of some covers and tracks that didn't make the album - the 7 track ep is called "Ripped Genes & Analogue Dreams and it is only available in a limited edition run of 100 signed and numbered CD's from our website www.leadfinger.com.au and at live gigs, there is also a 5 track digital version available soon from the usual iTunes, Amazon etc but I guess most of our fans know their audio so we don't really sell much stuff at digital stores. You can find a pic of the cover on this site or the website and to start you off, track 1 - 'Pretty Thing' is available here as a free download for a short time only...thanks for reading, hope to meet you at a gig soon.

best Stew

"I BELONG TO THE BAND" New Ep out 1st Dec!!

Following on from the release of our 3rd album 'We Make the Music' in April 2011 to some cool reviews and plenty of new fans, We are about to kick out another release at the back end of the year with a new 6 track Digital Ep titled 'I Belong to the Band' out on 1st December.....check out the rest of this blog at... http://www.myspace.com/leadfinger/blog/544825325

Recording New album at BJB Studios in Sydney

So we've been busy recording a new album at BJB studio's in Sydney (Surry Hills to be more precise). I know you all want to hear about it so read on....First the short version...It was great fun and we worked hard and it sounds unreal, wait till you hear it!....photos at end of the words.

Now the nitty gritty long ramblin version.....click on this link or paste it into your browser.....