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The Nasty Habits on Reverb Nation

Oh yeah, it's Bright Lights and Big City ya'll. Now I know that you know the Nasty Habits play Downtown, but friends, we've now gone UPTOWN. Yes sir, we've got a new way to reach out to all the closet Nasties in the Nation and those that don't even know they're Nasty yet. It's a NEW and IMPROVED way to listen, learn and view the latest in that Grand and Glorious TNH world. Jump back and kiss yourself!! Uh huh!! I mean, where else can you view the latest pictures, see the latest gigs (yeah, we've got some), listen and download new TNH tunes. WHOA, did he say download??? No he dih-int. You know Hugh don't you? Hugh dang right I said download. Yeh, there are not one, or two but FOUR opportunities to add a couple of Nasty tunes to your MP3 player.....FO FREE!! But Fellas, why FO FREE? Cause we're givers, that's why. So where can I access this brick of musical gold, you say? ReverbNation my friends http://www.reverbnation.com/thenastyhabitsnc . In fact, please help us rocket up the Country charts by becoming a fan and listening to our tunes there. Take a spin through the website, help your favorite band, and DOWNLOAD a TNH classic while you're at it. You'll be glad you did. And did I say that it's FO FREE? And if you are not a fan of TNH on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Nasty-Habits/45044000875 take a spin and "Like" us. Between the two, you are sure to stay up to date on all five Nasty Habits. Looking forward to seeing you all soon, at a stage near you!! Kyle Norwood Macon Bryan Chip