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NPMN/Retconstruct/Coda Reactor - 8/2/12 - SJ/CA

NPMN/Retconstruct/Coda Reactor - 8/2/12 - SJ/CA

Club Apparition @Lidos Night Club 30 S. 1st St. San Jose, CA 95113

21+ / $5 / Open 10PM - 1:40PM

Terrorbyte TX gets fukkt

We're doing this shit day one of a two day all aggro event coming on @ 10 PM. Check it out @ www.terrorbytefestival.com where you can get all the info and score some tickets. Then like us on facebook and all that bs. See you there dead fiends. -NM

N.p.m.N. killing it in 2012 - Psyclon 9 Remix - Terrorbyte Festival TX

2012 is one hell of a year for us already and we're just getting started. Two noteworthy updates would be that we are performing at the Terrorbyte Festival in Texas and also that we have this very special track going around remixed by Nero Bellum of Psyclon 9. You can listen to it on Facebook and you can buy it @ www.reverbnation.com/npmn Go visit www.terrorbytefestival.com See you in Texas you crazy fux


Supposedly the world might end, but we're always here to party on your sinking ship, so it's business as usual for us @ NPMN. We've got a new multi-instrumentalist member to introduce to you. "Damage" will be be making an appearance at our first show of the year in Vegas! Thanks to Klub Terminal for setting us up with a killer show sharing the stage with Mordacious and Malfaktor at Boomers. We're hunting out a hybrid drummer for future shows and production. If you've got what it takes to make it in a technical dark outfit like ours, then send your info to us @


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So when will we see the first official N.p.m.N. album?

You can all start the countdown. N.p.m.N.'s first album is well under way at this point with over 100 tracks to go through and determine the final lineup for our first official release. We're lining up shows and empregnating our pig banks to fund this effort an make it stand out in a crowd of seemingly endless emerging artists. Just to jump the gun. I see in my crystal ball, a potential materialization manifesting this winter 2010. With the fates aligned, Decmber 2010 will be an early apocolypse. -N.M.