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New Direction

Working With Reasonable Persons Is The Only Path To Understand What Is The Creative Mental spiritual And Physical Use Of Music Love Talents Moderation And The Rewards That Come along And detecting Fear.Addiction Pains Depression Poverty Early Death Racism,Terrorism Evil wickedness,The Main Causes Of All And the Workable Solutions Is Almost here.Jah guide Bless Protect.

How not to get way behind owing tax

Make sure to ask the body selling your music products whether is only a penny sale they set up pay as you ach account with the irs for by doing this you will avoid the need of not being able to settle your payments,and same time prevent frauds commonly committed against songwriters musicians composers singers managers new or unsigned acts,and legal authorities,no matter the status of they selling your audio downloads products fair sharing is fair for good music business society and governments.

Avoiding the arts of deception and creativity

Two things that are not compatible with creativity and music,deception and fraud and it is very important to avoid pratices that indirectly encourage deception fraud racism have consipracy and cover this are method very common with royality deposit to accounts it is when you are dealing with labels bands publishers agents lawyers managers be well be informe and be on the look out to detect if funds are suppose to go directly to bank account via paypal or direct to your bank account prepaid account if there is no multiple options then you have to think twice before doing any trasaction with just one only,you do not worry about what wiil happebd to your funds or where is your money when you are busy creating more works,i wont recommend at this time as the only method to get paid for sales etc.there should be many options,prepaid card traditional bank account paper checks money order debits card credit cards this are many possibilities.

funds to artist labels using paypal is not fair method of remitting funds

Creativity is not only about fame money but it include focus,concentration meditation actualization .peace turn around, so when artist or creator spend efforts, time on projects it is with conviction that the projects or works will be created inan original setting with end results of producing quality audio supportive educative with pure goal with best targets,now taking a positive view on how things suppose to be in the physical realm and the spiritual realm there are some regular method that are not part of creativity. for some are done with stereo type settings which can work well for some and be destructive to others, most especially when more services are done on line which can create more room for fraud.theft.racism control and obstructions of other people enlightments likes interest lives faith belife love family royality, creativity talents energy so,to make it a policy or is the rules for artist labels to accpet facebook and paypal the only alternative is not right creativity and host profit making and must not be the only way for payments and sign into social network is very dangerous and not a good medium to grown creativity,wealth happiness better business let there are mulitple avenue where artist can get funds deposit to them either via paper check bank deposits,cashier checks. western union phones email.prepaid cards. direct to the persons,artists labels of how they choses not imposing paypal on every creativity is awareness truth fairness sound mind quality,while good business is about better customer services ,trust respect fair profits growth sharing suggestion upgrade.

Music and good purpose

let the good cause begins at home with artist promoters labels coming together to create a projects that will help to supports the really law abiding people who are in need of funds to complete projects support their dreams without being getting abused oppressed mocked at by the very system created to distributes the tools materials training education vocations funds ideas.directly to the persons or group that are needy not through some persons, agents, bodies unions charities that came into being what they stand through hate, crimes,lies frauds deception,racial profile.religion extremists terrorists motive conspiracy false accusation child molesters.let the music play with creative energy.

Those without eye aiming to lead those with sight

Viewing the bunch of political contenders is like getting first hand revelation of who are the real enemies of the America people,the poor orphans, God people nature they still think things are still business as usual they are all tied, circled by their greed jealous hate lost of current events and the coming redemption of the oppressed they exploit pour insults upon injury abused the name of the holy father neglect the law of the land they fabricate or speed off to the supreme court anything time they are confronted with infants problems that need common sense policy trials, reforms development, equality goodness better suggestions simple problems,and they turn deaf hear to the plight of the people,forgeting that God is watching over the people,for the good citizens workers preachers teachers business have become the agents of darkness promoting deceptive greed stupidity racial profiling supporting anything that go against,true wealth raw materials fairness fairness earned rewards,safe and freedom of movements of all americas no matter their looks frame of mind in as much they are walking peaceful not attacking anyone. justice love kindness morals better living.turn away from this wrongs and render all to the people what they deserve for God do not ugly and not crazy about beauty.


Pick a tune and hear the rules of all