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Hey people! We uploaded a new song... I'm sure you know that already! It's called "Listening" and it's our first original collaberation with Kathy Valentine. I've heard from many of you, that it's not the Adrian and the Sickness that you are used to hearing. We are embarking on a whole new thing and, although it's a little different, we hope that you enjoy the direction we are heading. Adrian's over at Kathy's right now, working on the next tune, called "Common Ground". It's a fast punky tune with Clem Burke (of Blondie) on drums, and we're very excited about it. Thanks to everyone for coming out to our shows last weekend in Austin, Dallas, and Tulsa! We had a freakin blast! See you soon! - Heather

Portland dork shiek!

Headin out to the GREATEST place in the world to go thrift store shopping. If you didn’t know, that is Portland. Doin a show with the Belles tonight at Dantes. I never ever leave that place sober, and not without at least one quick puke..so tonight, we’ll see what happens. I think we may stop at Mt. St. Helens today too, depending how far from 1-5 it is in Roy. I’ll be stoppin at Ash Street to hang up some posters for our show there JUNE 20th...ALWAYS working!!

Had some more developments working on another song with Kathy V. I don’t know if I bragged yet, but Clem Burke(BLONDIE) is playing drums on the track. Super excited about this album!!! -adrian