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We have a Singer finally

Welcome Jack Sabolich from Cleveland Hardcore Titans AT NO END - he is the new voice of 8DL

Changes Ahead

2010 was frustrating but I managed to get a lot accomplished anyway.

2011 will hopefully see me finally assemble the band.

Unfortunately I won't be doing it with Gene. He will be involved in future projects but right now is not the time.

If any of you know of any singers in the vein of Phil Anselmo / Peter Dolving let me know. I'm looking for the growl of The Haunted with the singing of Down . . . I know you're out there - lets hook up and create something intense and melodic with a heavy skull splitting groove.

Poppin' our Bloggin Cherry !!!!

hey this is Rob from 8 Daze Later. I started this project strictly for fun and to see what kind of reaction I'd get and everybody has been real positive about it so I decided to set out and look for the right musicians for what is turning out to be my new band. I'll keep you posted with updates and new music so check back often. Come visit us at MySpace and send us a friend request here: http://www.myspace.com/official8dazelater

KEEP IT HEAVY !!!!!!!!!!!