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I Need

NEW SONG by Noise Flower...


New song with Karin, lyrics and vocals, Ian on bass and guitar.

She is never lost at sea...

The wonders...

The wonders of technology, Mary, Karin and Ian have a new song, Half a Heart...free download!

Almost to 20,000 PLAYS!

Thank you dear friends for playing our music, check out Half a Heart with Karin Beckérus and Ian Stokol, latest new song.

Ok Peeps, be bad...

TWO new songs with Karin and Ian.. SOON!

Well...the marvels of technology...Karin, Ian and I so far apart on a map..working so close together on music...can't wait to share our new songs.

Thanks Zappos dude...

Nice speaking with you today, thank you for ALL your help! ROCK IT....


10,000 plays, that makes my heart happy!


L O V E!


46 plays today!

PURE talent

The talent on ReverbNation BLOWS my mind!