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new Act of Love album just released! Has Santa bought it for you?

new Act of Love album just released! Has Santa bought it for you? - links attached... Creative and Dreams Music Network Yesterday at 12:00 Here is the video we've waited for "Looking for the Light" released by Creative and Dreams Music Network, LLC. Watch the video here: https://vimeo.com/78082023 Then download the entire new album - it is absolutely fantastic: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/actoflove





Imminent Act of Love release - it's gonna be epic!

All tunes on this page (including videos) are demos, excerpts or live rehearsals. New songs & completed versions of some on here will be available to buy on the Creative & Dreams release being mastered as we type. It's gonna be epic...

Act of Love, back at Number 1 - UK Electronica!

Act of Love are back at number 1 in the UK in Electronica on the Reverbnation chart - & number 25 and rising Worldwide. We still won't pay for campaigns, so humble thanks to all of you lot out there for your support & your impeccable taste - we'll be out of the studio with the fruits of our labour soon & you're gonna love it...

Aof Love at the Birdcage - Wednesday 13th

Members of Act of Love will be appearing at this celebration of Amy Winehouse's life & work, this Wednesday, the 13th. There will be top acts, unmissable spoken word & unexpected collaboration. Check it out & be there if you can - frankly it's going to be fabulous... https://www.facebook.com/events/538402632897179/?fref=ts

Act of Love, Number 1 - UK Electronica!

Act of Love are now ranked number 1 in the UK in Electronica on the Reverbnation chart - & number 23 and rising Worldwide. We don't pay for campaigns, so thank you so much to all of you out there for your support & your impeccable taste ;) Humbled - again... xxxxxxx https://www.facebook.com/aolpage

Act of Love at Charterhouse 06 06 13 Talking Musical Revolutions

Simon & Nicola from Act of Love will be performing at 'Talking David Bowie Musical Revolutions', on Thurs 06 06 13, at Charterhouse EC1M 6JH. Lots more details to follow soon!.. https://www.facebook.com/events/579187132106268 http://www.charterhousebar.co.uk/ http://www.creativeanddreamsmusicnetwork.com/act-of-love

Act of Love agree deal with Creative & Dreams

Act of Love are pleased and excited to announce that we are currently working on our first release for Creative & Dreams of Nashville, having finally signed worldwide with the label. Watch this space for news, updates and exclusive clips - the Love machine rolls on... http://www.creativeanddreamsmusicnetwork.com/act-of-love

Sneak preview of our almost-finished video!

Hi - for a limited time, Act of Love would like to invite you to view our almost-finished video 'Looking for the Light' There are some technical touches to be finished off video-wise, & a final audio remix - but have a look... Please also remember sync is affected by your available internet bandwidth, or somesuch technical jargon ;) http://vimeo.com/56252935

First video nearly with us...

Boko editing up a storm for the Looking for the Light video - best get the remix finished before they beat us to it... http://www.facebook.com/aolpage#!/photo.php?fbid=558067280877364&set=a.547645731919519.142704.545509418799817&type=1&theater

Videos imminent!...

'Looking for the Light' video should be out in next week or two. Still being edited, as first cut rejected - our people http://www.bokocreative.co.uk/ are perfectionists! 'Wild' will be after Xmas now, but will be hot & sweaty - you may need a towel... ; ) some Looking for the Light pics here http://www.facebook.com/aolpage