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Heaven Sent Fire

Fire from heaven is purifying! Think about it like this. Which is easier to burn? An old dead, died out leaf, or a water filled fresh green leaf? When God sends fire, let it burn. In the old testament of the Bible, there was a story of 3 men who were cast into the fire for having faith in Our God. That same God came and stood with them while they were in the fire. My advice to anyone trying to clear things up in their life is to go through the fire. Thats where you will find God! #StayBlessed



Fasting clears the mind of all the blog you have inside, and helps you focus exactly on what God wants you to obtain in life. Sometimes we feel that we get busy and dont have the time to give up those things that create this busyness. Don't think that for one second the things you are doing are pleasing to God unless you have taken the time out to talk with him about these things and come to a conclusion of the matter with him. Fast to remove the blog, and clog!


New Spiritual Setting

God has his way of upgrading the Spiritual Scene as it stands on earth. God's Consistent and persistent ways have caused for me to start releasing a lot music I have had in the archives out to the public. Pray with me as the I continue to proceed in my work for the Lord.

Day N' Nite (Remix)

I made this song because I was told by many people, if the music I wrote could be arranged on an industry beat it would begin to open doors for bigger musical opportunities.

My main focus is getting the message out that God exist. We can have a relationship with our father/creator in any way we choose. I choose to share bits of my relationship with God through real life situations in my music. It is my prayer and chosen mission to make sure people choose God.

So many of our loved ones have forgotten to "seek ye first the kingdom of God", and lost touch with reality ...the reality that includes a limitless Father!

God Bless

Who is God...1st of many thoughts

God is the author and finisher of our faith. God dedicates his precious love and energy to us in all ways. Opening up my mind to see the true God (our Lord and Savior) is the greatest experience in Life. My Music is the only way I know how to share this story. Be Blessed..! Our spirit and body must connect in some way. Yahweh/Jesus, must lead us fully and totally. There is no other way to operate, except under God's authority and Power on earth as it is in heaven.

Morning Time

I realized that every morning must be dedicated to prayer and meditation. I found that I would move faster than I could naturally; So I began to slow down and take things one second at a time. Prayer and meditation help me to focus, and enjoy my life as it is. God opened my eyes and showed me if I focus on the now the later will have no choice but to manifest great things and blessings. Write a vision and make it "plan". Every morning give time to God; plan your day, and your days will run much smoother.