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Well, after three long years of education, toil and sweat, I have completed my second Album "Eventualities".

I was originally going to call this album "Endings" because for some reason all the songs had a sense of finality about them, but I thought that was too depressing, and some of the songs were more hopeful so the title evolved.

My last album was about wrong decisions and their consequences. This is more about less active results -i.e. the places we find ourselves whether we intend to be there or not. Many of the songs are about letting go (not just the aptly-titled "Let You Go").

While I wrote each of these songs on guitar or piano, the entire album (except the vocals) was created "in the box". I didn't play any of the parts, but created the arrangements and mixed and (clumsily) mastered the songs entirely on my own PC.

The last album I really had no idea what I was doing audio-wise, and this time around I vowed that I was actually going to take the time to learn how to mix rather than just "twiddling knobs" and hoping for the best. It has been an amazing, frustrating, educational, humbling experience and I still feel really green, but I'm learning!

Folks who do not know it, but had a huge influence on this album:

Darin Favorite Wayne Killius Brent Mason Brent Mason Jason Roller Pat McGrath Peter Gannon and all the folks at PG Music Ryan Canestro and John Tidey at the Home Recording Show Joe Gilder Graham Cochrane

Thanks for listening!