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EP coming soon!

So we've played a decent number of shows since November with our newest members and have had such a great reaction from everyone! Thank you all for coming out to support us at our events. It's now time to give back and get more STF metal into your IPOD, IPAD, IPHONE, Iwhatever, CD player maybe if you still own one? Sorry tapes and 8 Track are a bit too old, but hell we want you to get our new EP music any way you can. Come May 2013 the process is beginning and a new EP will be released this summer! Who's excited to take more STF with you whereever you go. We're excited to bring more recordings of our songs to your ears daily! Stay tunned.

And here we are, A new beginning!

So our first show with our new lineup has just passed at Jimmy's Place and we are stoked to be playing at Jimmy's again on December 21st 2012! We are all so glad to be back on the local metal circuit playing with some great local Lehigh Valley metal acts. So come out and support us at an up coming show and give a big welcome to our newest members Chris Mo Eliat on bass and Janson Stewart on Vocals. Check out our newest recording Sacred Hatred and also come to a show and get our new free 2 song demo mixed by our very own Bryan Kilcommons. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or friend us here! We will be scheduling more and more events in the near future so keep your eyes peeled for shows and ears ready for new metal from Since The Fire!

Recording in progress!

We are currently working on pre production recording! We are please to announce that Since The Fire is working on our newest recordings and happy to be working on a kick ass album for all of our metal fans to enjoy. Keep checking back with Since the Fire to hear new music we will be posting and also on album updates!

Time for a kick ass recording!

Since the fire will be playing on December 4th with Mortician at the garfield so you better be there to see us, because this will be one of our last shows for a few months while we are recording our EP debut! I know we've been requested for more recorded music and it's time we fill that request, so we will be taking a few months to record and bring you the best damn NEPA metal recording we can! So stay tuned, we will also be posting some songs as we proceed to give you a taste of what's to come! Thanks and we'll keep you updated!

Things in the camp of Since The Fire!

We have finished another new song and just recently played it live at The Silo in Reading! We had a great show at The Silo, everything went perfect, and hopefully we gained some new long lasting fans there! We have more shows coming up so keep checking our schedule of events. September 4th we are playing at The Hard Bean Cafe in Bethlehem with Order of Enneade and September 18th at Jimmy's Place on Airport road in Allentown with Ovlo! So come experience our Heavy Metal show at some of our up coming dates!

Slave to The Metal

Come enjoy some amazing local metal bands at the Slave to the Metal tour in Philadelphia on July 24rd and 24th. Get tickets from us, we will be playing on July 24th. Doors open at 6:00, so get there early to enjoy a great metal show! We may be playing our newest song which is now done, just fine tuning it.Can't wait for this show!

Gearing up for Saturday June 26th! First show!

We at Since The Fire are gearing up to play our first gig in the new band this Saturday night at Jimmy's Place in Allentown PA! New song is ready to go and getting very tight! We're already working on new material, because music creation never stops, so I hope everyone who comes out enjoys our music and we look forward to getting out there and playing shows for everyone! Grab a three song demo from us at any show for 1 dollar and help us to promote our music! Get the word out because we're going to be hitting venues all over PA, NY, and NJ in the upcoming months. Check back for show listings near your area. We hope to see you all there.