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Stu's News - March Madness Edition!

Stu's News - March Madness Edition

Hi Friends! I hope you are doing well. For me the Tour continues, and I'll be around Alabama and North Carolina for the next couple of weeks. Schedule below!

I've been sprucing up my online presentation, and I've created some new pages for Poetry and Art, and vastly improved my Reverbnation page, Facebook Music page, and the main site, too. Here are all the links, so please "LIKE" all the FB ones!

Facebook Music Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stuart-McNair-Music-Page/182146533420?ref=ts&fref=ts

Facebook Poetry Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stuart-McNair-Poetry-Page/557329750968416?ref=ts&fref=ts

Facebook Art Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stuart-McNair-Art-Page/166511896838273?ref=ts&fref=ts

Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/stuartmcnair#

Web site: www.stuartmcnair.com


Wed, March 27 - Birmingham, AL - The Saloon in 5 Points, Next to El Fuego by the Fountain. 7-11. NO COVER.

Thurs, March 28 - Montgomery, AL - Renaissance Hotel - 8-11 - Solo Acoustic.

Fri, March 29 - Gadsden, AL - Downtown Tavern - 9:00 until - Free Show

Sat, March 30 - Birmingham, AL - Marty's Bar - Playing Keys with Earthbound.

Sun, March 31 - Birmingham, AL - Stillwater Pub - 10:30 until - Free Show

Fri, April 5 - Auburn, AL - Maestro 2300 - 8-12 - Free Show

Sat, April 6 - Birmingham, AL - Marty's Bar - Late Show - FULL BAND!

Wed, April 10 - Asheville, NC - The Lobster Trap - 7-9 - Free Show

See ya soon, Stu

A Toast to Marty

A Toast to Marty Dearest Friends, thank you for being here. If you are hearing this, then we have something in common: a friendship, admiration, and love for Mr. Marty Eagle. When I met Marty, I had been a musician my entire life, doing everything from marching in the streets to singing in the church to crowd surfing as a member of punk bands. I had performed for as long as I could remember, but never as myself, never expressing my own musical voice. I had never used my own name, until I arrived one night at Marty’s Open Mic Night. I played a few songs, Marty and I met, and he offered me a gig. I said yes, and I had my first show on the books as me. That was ten years ago, and since then I’ve played at Marty’s regularly. It’s been a wild ride, for sure! Guitars, pianos, fiddles, mandolins! Accordion! Sometimes a tuba, maybe a banjo! Drums! Bass! Washboard! Hoolahoops in the parking lot! Friends! Future boyfriends and girlfriends! Current ones…and then past ones…all elbow to elbow, taking part in Birmingham’s gem: a place where folks can be together, almost anytime of day and night, to pursue some of things that make life worth living: music, friends, food, laughter, and dancing. Marty’s has been my training ground, where I have learned the brass tacks of music. Running a PA system, working with band members, learning to interact with a crowd…it all happens at an accelerated pace at Marty’s, where the slightest mistake happens inches from the audience. Musicians are made better at Marty’s, as they are molded by the audience and the place itself. They take what they learn here and apply it out in the world. If you can get it right here, other clubs are a cinch. It’s not everyday you find a place like Marty’s, and it’s not everyday you meet a man like Marty Eagle. Through many years of conversation, having been graciously hosted at Marty’s house countless times, I’ve gotten to know this beloved fellow. Marty Eagle is a man of rare quality. He believes in people, and he is loyal to his friends. Marty believes in music, and the power of music to make people happy. Marty took a chance long ago, and decided to create a place where people he believed in could create the music he believed in in order to create happiness in others. The result: countless handshakes, kisses, dances, meals, conversations, and nights of world class music. To know Marty’s is to the love the place. To know Marty is to the love the man. It is with deepest love and gratitude that I say this: Thank You Marty, for all that you have done for the folks of this community. Thanks for believing in us. Thanks for giving so much of yourself. Thanks for letting us know you. Thanks for helping us find happiness. Happy New Year, Marty, and I’ll see ya soon! Love, Stuart


Stu's News - June 2010

Dear Friends, I really hope you are doing well and having a good Spring. I've been sprucing up my web presence, and I've been uploading music to ILike, Reverb Nation, and my website, which now has lots of new live tracks to listen to. So from here I'll post some calendar dates, then NEWS headlines....

SHOWS SHOWS SHOWS SHOWS SHOWS (see website for more info)

Thurs, June 10 - Solo at the Open Door in Mountain Brook, Birmingham, AL. 9:30 until.

Fri, June 11 - Double Header in Montgomery! Renaisance Hotel 5-8 Downtown. 10:30 until it's Stuart McNair and the Swamp at the 1048 Jazz and Blues

Sat, June 12 - Stuart McNair with the Big Tasties at the Red Line Bar and Grill 10 until. Hoover, AL.

Thurs, June 17 - Solo at the Metro Bistro in Birmingham. 9:30 until. NO COVER.

Fri, June 18 - Stuart McNair and the Contraband at Stillwater Pub in Birmingham. With Susan Nuckols on Fiddle and Jason Bailey on Mandolin! NO COVER. 10:30 until. Come early and stay late for this one...

Sat, June 19 - The Stuart McNair and the Swamp at Morgan Creek Winery 6-10. Harpersville, AL.


* I've posted about 33 poems at the website and facebook pages.Recently participated in a poetry Slam at the Shakori Hills Grassroots Fest in North Carolina.More poems on the way....

* I've been writing some kid's songs, and plan to record a kid's CD.I played my first real Kid's Set at Shakori Hills as well,and have been invited back to do the same in October.

* I'll be doing some shows with songwriter Kendra Sutton as part of a new project called "The Positive Charge".

* I'm playing Keyboards for a band called Earthbound, and will be joining them at Marty's in Birmingham at the end of the month. Recently played Earthfest with them and had a great turnout.

* Attended Jazzfest in New Orleans, and saw Van Morrison, Pearl Jam,the Marsalis Family, B.B. King, Keith Frank, the Nevilles, and more.Met Eddie Vedder and thanked him for his inspiration.

* Attended the Hangout Fest at Gulf Shores, AL for Michael Franti,Ben Harper, and Trey Anastasio. Hope to play there next time!

* I'm offering lessons on all of the instruments I play, including guitar,piano, harmonicas, trumpet, etc. I use a room at Highland Music,so it's legit.

That's it for now. Be cool 'til next time, Stu