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Excited to start new things!

Hey ya'll! Just wanted to take a minute and say thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of me! This past year has been crazy with me really getting my music going, and it has been an awesome rollercoaster! This is just the start of things for me, but it makes me feel great know I have so much support! :) I am about to start playing some shows with a few new people, and have some exciting things happenning in the new year! I will working on cutting some new songs at the begginning of the year and also playing full time! I will have a new booking agent and wonderful people playing in my band! I am also excited for the new writing I have been doing, and for all the fabulous people I am going to be writing with! I will have some more news to report as soon as I get the green light, so be sure and stay up to date! Thanks again for EVERYTHING!!! Dream Big, Ara Chelsea :)