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Back in Portland, new lineup, new shows

Good morning ladies and gents. So I have good news, Demain (my band of the last 10+ years) has again solidified a killer lineup. New drummer Cheo Larcombe, Guitarist / Keyboardist Paul Anderson, Bassist Stephen Kemp, and myself (Jason Demain) on Vocals / Guitar. We're working on a new album and we feel really solid about the direction. This will mark the 6th LP we've released, and I'm feeling positive we can set goals at it being available by May 2013.

At the present time we're looking for a booking agent to work us into shows through out the NW. If you, or anyone you know is interested in the job, you'll be paid as a 5th band member (20% of what each show brings in) please contact me at jasondemain@hotmail.com.

Demain lands in Canada

This just in... Jason Demain has migrated to Vancouver BC Canada! As this is a fresh new start for Mr. Demain there is no band, or plan other than rocking peoples socks off from the ground up. Thus meaning Jason will be doing some solo shows until he can find new people to collaborate with or join forces in their pre-existing project. If you are a talent agent, a musician, a fan, or just stumbled upon this blog you can contact Jason at his new number 604-700-5123. More news to come soon.

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/jdemain/blog#ixzz10rehM5jE