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Update on Stazz

I am excited to tell you that I have been working with Miklos Malek on a new song that should be finished very shortly!!!

Stazz is featured on "Broken" a song on Whiiites EP on Beatport

Stazz is feature on "Broken" a song relesed on Whiiites Ep through Beatport! Dupstep.net did a write up and says "Taking us completely by surprise, Whiiite's debut "Whiiite Begins" EP with Vicious Bitch Records comes jam-packed with professional crafted bangers across the EDM spectrum. "Broken" is a pop-infused dubstep ballad with sensual, soaring vocals, extremely vibey synth-work, and monumental house-style build that will unleash an absolute maelstrom of expertly crafted mid-range carnage. A seductive female voice forms a perfect contrast with rapid-fire, aggressive sound-design, and gorgeously honed melodic work brings the track together in a highly cohesive and phenomenally musical style." http://www.beatport.com/track/broken-original-mix/3885081

Stazz is going back to school!

Stazz decided to hone in her skills and take online engineering and recording lessons at Icon Collective. This renowned school is inspiring a new generation of artists and music producers that are ready and willing to embrace technology in today's brave new digital age. The amazing thing is, Stazz can still travel with her Mac book pro and take the classes where ever she may be! Its the perfect situation for her. She couldn't be more thankful to have found such an amazing school filled with extremely knowledgeable teachers who go above and beyond to individually connect with each student and help them embark on their creative journey. Check out Icon Collective at www.learn2produce.com

Stazz on Tween Pop Radio

Stazz has been featured for the New Track Tuesdays on Tween Pop Radio with her Song Sparkling Gold! Please take a listen and vote for her! Thank you for helping Stazz share her music with the world!!!


scroll down and find STAZZ and click VOTE below her Picture

Then type in the Voting Box

Stazz- Sparkling Gold