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New Skylime T-Shirts, Stickers, Wristbands and Album!!!!

We have been working on new T-Shirt, sticker, wristband and album artwork designs in preparation for our album release. With our recent signing to a new management company, Monolith Management, we will be able expand the band to many new areas with more shows, professional mixing and mastering of our music, and new merch, to name a few things. We will be releasing a new single prior to the album release in late August. We'll also, as of next week, be able to accept credit/debit card transactions at our shows! (Which is very exciting since nobody uses cash that much any more).

So stay on the lookout for many new things from Skylime!

- Your boys, Skylime

Skylime album to be released sometime in the Summer!

After the victory at The Battle of the Bands: Music Throwdown show, we were offered to record an album with the dudes that put on the show. We are currently deciding whether we are going to be doing an EP or a full length. We will keep you updated on what we are doing and hopefully a release of the album. Thank you fans for supporting us, we really appreciate everything you do!