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Collabo...like whoa!

It's like unleashing flood gates! Gotta pull on the reigns now just a bit...honored to have so many requests from so many artists around the world...time to knock out some projects!

MuZic LifeStylZ (World Beats Inc.)
MuZic LifeStylZ (World Beats Inc.)  (almost 7 years ago)

Hey, I dig ya! Collabing is GREAT when its the right
"visionary" behind the big picture, ...the song, artist,
message, video, connecting better with fans!...Leave a
comment about your BLOG, I love it, I digg your work!
So go Rep' yourself, I will approve the comment, tell
me if my featured artists aren't worth collabing? They
have begun, and YOU should be gettin out there to, BAD
ASS SHIT you got! ~ It's Just DOPE-I-MEAN (Christina W