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Song Reconstruction/lineups.....

So, we were told we never blog. So, behold! Blog. We were also asked what, exactly, our new lineup will or won't be doing. The answer is simple: We will play the Hemlok material that we love to play, and that we are inspired to make as good as when it was first performed. We've pushed improv to new places that the band hasn't previously, so some songs ("Nyarlathotep", "The Entmoot") have flourished because they change every time. Some songs ("Hey Hester", "Cybernaut") are fan favourites and we love them just as much. And then there are some.....that we're just giving a break ("Swan Song", "What Do You Take Me For?"). It's nothing personal....well, actually it is. Why play something just because? We promise that we'll make it as fun as we can, and anything less than that won't feel nearly as good for audiences too.

Things will always change, and of course some songs will come and go (OK, maybe not "Nyarlathotep"). But where we're at right now is pretty exciting and lets us make every show a new adventure.....and we're having a great time with it. Next up: New material.....

Meanwhile, back on reverbnation....

We're back!

This isn't the first Hemlok reverbnation profile, but it's the official one now - and, you can expect regular updates, consistent communication and close ties with our website, www.hemlok.com, which is also returning to its full glory shortly.

In the next month, we'll be getting ready to bring you brand new tracks from this lineup, and some surprises from days gone by. Heard "Place"? Expect an amazing studio version soon, alongside new tracks like "Bleed" and "Taken", too.

Care to join our mailing list? You can do so right here. Need information on a show? Do that too! And, we'll keep posting exclusive live content as well, but for now enjoy the tracks from As220 in Providence!