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dkWells selected by APM Music in New York & LA

I was selected by APM Music, the top licensing company with headquarters in New York and Los Angeles, to submit music for consideration in Grey's Anatomy, The Good Wife, Gossip Girl and other film and TV projects.

Only a select few independent Artists have been identified and selected to audition tracks. Wish me luck!

Now on iTunes and Radio

I was surprised last Thursday night that my music has already been uploaded to iTunes. I was told it wouldn't be until mid-June. So, I'm scrambling to complete my website, and customize a few other web links and print pieces to get the promotional wheel moving!

I was contacted by Fast Break Music in LA, interested in placement of some of my songs on film and TV. We'll see?! Also, Taxi is doing a review of Traveling Down the Road and I've been entered into several songwriting events through American Songwriter.

KXBG Radio have added The Call and Traveling Down The Road to their Playlist. You can listen live at www.live365.com/stations/radar2010

Anyway, download my songs now and enjoy on iTunes or Reverbnation...just look up dkwells! Physical CD's won't be available on Amazon and CD Baby until mid-June.

ROCK ON! dkWells