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Bonnie McGill 2 minutes ago Tonight I have reached a milestone in my life that I could have only wished for and dreamed of..I have reached *** ONE MILLION SONG PLAYS *** on REVERBNATION.. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the support and friendship I have received from all of you,, My family, friends, fans, fellow artists who play my songs and especially the ones who have reached out to help me by recording some of my songs...The DJ's and the radio stations who played them..The ones who made videos of some of my songs... For the first time in my life... I actually feel at a loss for words...I can only Thank GOD for the Gift He has given me and the People who He put in my life that helped me make this dream come true.. A very special thanks to my Sweet Husband ANDY.. who has believed in me from the very start.. You all have been there for me and I hope this is just the start of even Better things to come... Who says Country Music is a fading thing of the past ??? Let's all prove them wrong.. As for me and all of you ***WE WILL KEEP ON KEEPING IT COUNTRY STRONG *** And may Our LORD continue to BLESS, Each and Every One of You!!! *********LOVE BONNIE *********

kenny heroux
kenny heroux  (over 4 years ago)

We Love you and your amazing music Miss Bonnie.

Sammy  (over 4 years ago)

Congratulations Bonnie!! Your widely popular and well loved. The numbers speak the truth. Hold your trophies of accomplishment high and in your heart. You've come far and are a bright shining star of country music as you are a huge credit to the genre. I tip my hat to you in great respect dear lady. :)

Sammy  (over 4 years ago)

Congratulations Bonnie!! Your widely popular and well loved. The numbers speak the truth. Hold your trophies of accomplishment high and in your heart. You've come far and are a bright shining star of country music as you are a huge credit to the genre. I tip my hat to you in great respect dear lady. :)

Kindred Spirit
Kindred Spirit  (over 4 years ago)

WOW! Well done! X

Kindred Spirit
Kindred Spirit  (over 4 years ago)

WOW! Well done! X

Billy T. Scrapper
Billy T. Scrapper  (about 4 years ago)

Bonnie, You are the "Canadian Queen of Country Music", a genuine sweet hart and loyal supporter of RN artists.........it would be a real joy to meet you in person some day......BTS

Josie Bernales
Josie Bernales  (almost 4 years ago)

Hello Bonnie ... Thanks for sharing the happiness and success . I am one of those who like you and your Songs . I have just played your Music . Thanks also for your kindness and supports . Coffee always tastes wonderful with you ! May God shower more Blessings to you !

MGlaziermusic  (almost 4 years ago)

Yeahhhhhh Bonnie wonderful news now whats for breakfast LOVE YA :-)

Joe Adrian Project
Joe Adrian Project  (over 3 years ago)

You're heading to 2 million now your music is great!

HonkyTonk A Go Go
HonkyTonk A Go Go  (about 2 years ago)

Congratulations Bonnie really enjoy listening to you.

Tall Paul
Tall Paul  (over 1 year ago)

i love your music and we'll be adding you to my on-air play Bonnie Tall Paul

ANDY VENUS  (over 1 year ago)

Congratulations Bonnie You are Amazing! Love Country Music!


Q: "Daddy's House" is a very strong song with a great story. Could you tell me a little about the writing process for the song? A: Hi Kriz I have seen too many real life situations in our countries that are just like this.. I can't stand child abuse and especially when it comes from right within the homes of so many innocent children. The ones they should trust the most are often the very ones abusing them. This is a very controversial song and I was afraid to even release it at first , but felt it needed to be told.I hope one day a big Country singer will record it and it's message will ring out for all the world to hear.. My greatest hope is that it will bring awareness to a sinister problem that needs to corrected. If my song will help one innocent child It will have been worth it all.. Shortly after the song was first released on reverbnation, a young girl wrote to me and said,"Bonnie, You just told My story." The song is now and has been one of my most played songs on here so far. Thanks so much for asking Kriz. And thanks so much for all who have listened and played this song.

Brio'con  (about 5 years ago)

This blog/song story is to teach us wise lessons, a little change can go a long way and I will always do my best to help in any way I can?


She's a lady in a bottle, Not a genie, but her spell, Could captivate his very soul, And in love with her he fell.

His wife at home, was beautiful, But he cheated, just the same, In the morning he was sorry, And he always felt ashamed,

He left his kids neglected, More than he wanted to admit, He told himself a million times, The lady he would quit.

But his promises were broken, Like the hearts of those he loved, And he kept on going back to her, He never needed to be shoved.

She was always there when he needed her, And he kept on needing her more, She'd haunt his every waking hour, And at night, he'd walk the floor.

No longer could he hold a job, Though he still had mouths to feed, But still, he'd spend his last two bucks, On his hopeless, endless need.

His wife began to be a drag, She nagged him more and more, One day he couldn't stand it, And he knocked her to the floor.

The kids were crying; He ran out, Took the car and drove it fast, Found the lady and he said to her, "Here we are, alone at last."

She was cold, and yet he held her, Was afraid to let her go, Then she was gone, and he passed out, In a cold and blinding snow.

He woke up in awhile, His car half down in a ditch, Should he go home, or to a bar? He didn't care much, which.

He found the house in darkness , When he finally staggered in, He hollered out, "Hey honey!" He was sorry, once again.

The kids weren't sleeping in their beds, When he turned their lamp lights on, In his room, his bed was empty, And he knew that they were gone.

The lady in the bottle, Left him lonely with despair, She drove his wife and children out, And didn't even care.

In the mirror, he saw the circles, Deep and black around his eyes, He wished he knew of a clever way, To hide in some disguise.

He fumbled through his dresser drawers, Buried deep, he found a gun, There had to be another way, He prayed, other than this one.

Then a card tumbled down off the mirror, His wife, placed there, one day, He dialled the number on the phone, Someone answered,"Yes A A?"

The first step was the hardest, It took all the strength he had, The lady in the bottle, Was looking oh so sad,

With trembling hands, he touched her, And with the courage that he'd found, With a broken sob, he said goodbye, And smashed her on the ground.

With you, I have no future, You're a nightmare in my past, And with the help of God, I pray, I'll be free of you at last.

And when I've finally conquered this, I'll find my family, if I can, If they'll have me, they'll have all of me, Instead of only half a man.

by Bonnie McGill

Ashbury  (almost 6 years ago)

Beautiful Bonnie!!!

The Truck Drive's Sunset

The Truck Driver's Sunset

The sky was coloured yellow, Orange,scarlet, purple, and blue, Wild geese etching through the middle, Spread their wings, and cut right through,

My headlights shone on the road ,heading west, As if somehow, they knew, In a few hours you'd be in my arms, I was heading back to you.

Never built for you a mansion, With this rig o'er all them years, Lord know the good times can't outweigh, All your suffering, pain and tears.

Still , inside your arms I feel so warm, As if you didn't care, If you lived in a humble, two room shack, Just as long as I was there.

But it hurts me though, every time I think, Of the promises I've made Ones I couldn't keep, cause it always seemed, There were debts that needed paid.

Oh I know we've raised some fine young lads, And lost a daughter, long the way, When I was ready to give up, Yo smiled in your loving way.

You knew this was the only life, This trucker ever knew, Could've had schoolin' for another job, But never had a hankerin' to.

When I think of all you've given up, Just to put my mind at rest, My chest swells up like a mighty king, And I know I've got the best.

And when I looked at the sky tonight, Yellow, orange, scarlet, purple and blue, It reminded me, like it does every night, Of the gift God sent in you,

And I'll keep you high on a pedestal, Like those wild geese, when they fly, While God keeps painting new sunsets, Every day for you and I

by Bonnie McGill

Josie Bernales
Josie Bernales  (almost 4 years ago)

Every song tells a Story of reality . Thanks for sharing, Bonnie !



When God calls your lady To a much better place, You wonder, can you ever Fill that big empty space

She's no longer there lying, In your bed next to you, Or sitting there with you laughing And sharing dinner for two So you look at her things and Memories tug at your heart, Then you look at her picture, And it tears you apart

You get up in the night and You start walking the floor, Hoping you heard her footsteps And she'd walk through the door

Then a calmness seeps in where A sadness once loomed And you picture her standing Next to you in your room

And somehow you can feel it The soft touch of her hand Then you see her eyes smiling Still you can't understand

Till a dream takes you somewhere Where you once used to be In the arms of your sweetheart And at last you feel free

Is she trying to tell you What you already knew, Sweetheart, I'll be here waiting The way I used to

And someday like a whisper Blowing soft on the wind All this pain will be over You'll be together again

written with love by Bonnie McGill for our dear friend, Keith Marr July 17,2010

Josie Bernales
Josie Bernales  (almost 4 years ago)

We lose everyone and erverything . All is temporary ... just barrowed from our maker. Sadness and sorrows do nothing but kill . Loving life on earth is learning to accept reality. Some perish earlier, some later .We all sure have an end.

The Down Side Of Freedom

The Down Side Of Freedom

In a cold and pouring rain, I took, A short cut home that day; It meant going through the graveyard, So I hurried on my way.

There, in the midst of all that rain, A lady, dressed in black, Knelt down beside a small white cross, She saw me and looked back.

"My son is resting here you know," She spoke, as if with pride, "He was a soldier in the war, Where he fought, and where he died."

She had a small wreath in her hands, With poppies all around, She kissed it, and caressed it once, Then placed it on the ground.

I tried so hard to answer back, But the words just would not come, Somehow words then, seemed just too small, Like a distant, beating drum.

"Please don't forget," she softly spoke, Before she turned away, She placed a poppy in my hand; It was Remembrance Day.

Today I walked in freedom, And freedom is for free, But the price that some had to pay for it, Was far too high, you see.

I could not take for granted, That for me, some fought and died, A mother knelt beside a cross, So long ago and cried.

There's a down side too, of freedom, Where the rain seems all to fall, When the poppies grow a scarlet red, And where bugles once did call.

But in it's wake, the sun still shines, With a promise from above, A rainbow, in a kingdom, Resting soldiers fill with love.

On Remembrance Day I walk up to, A white cross I once found, And with a silent tear of thanks, I place, A poppy on the ground.

For a lady, long since then has gone, But her memory still remains, With the soldier I saw in her eyes, That day in the pouring rain.

Debbie Lantz
Debbie Lantz  (about 7 years ago)

This is so beautiful...so beautiful.

Blaine Veinot
Blaine Veinot  (over 6 years ago)

That is so awesome it brought tears to my eyes. the way that you expressed your self for the men who have died. It takes a little thing to remember why were here and it was the rain the the woman kneeling there. This is coming out of me with out a lot of thought for the writing that I read ment quite alot

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

A young girl when her dad went up, To tuck her in to bed, Asked him if he would sit with her, And have a talk instead.

"Dad may I have a talk with you Before you leave tonight?" "I know you're in a hurry and You sure look out of sight."

"But you came home so late last night, And I know something's wrong, Cause lately, you and mom somehow, Can't seem to get along."

"But dad, please try to understand, She works so hard all day, We try to help her all we can, But are often in the way."

"There's lots of things we just can't do, So she does it alone, Like when she does the dishes while I'm talking on the phone."

"If she had more time, then maybe she, Could fix up like before, And always be a picture when She greets you at the door."

"But by the time she's washed our clothes, And cooked our meals all day, She just don't feel like dressing up, And couldn't anyway."

"The last new dress that mom bought, I can't remember when, For all the new clothes that she buys, We kids get all of them."

"She says we must look nice for school, So we'll have lots of friends, And not a dollar on herself, She hardly ever spends."

"But she still has that soft brown hair, And pretty eyes of blue, And I know dad, she's never looked, At anyone but you."

"But last night dad, when you were out, And the clock struck two A.M. Mom's pretty eyes were swollen from The tears she had in them."

"I sure don't want to hurt you dad, By telling you these things, But you made mom a promise, When you handed her those rings."

"And I know dad it just kills her , When you go out like this, And doesn't she deserve from you, At least, a goodbye kiss?"

"Soon we'll be grown and moved away With families of our own, I hate to think that mom will be, Left sitting here alone."

"Well dad, that's all I have to say And I hope that you don't mind, That when you leave, If I don't wish, You have a real good time."

"One more thing dad, please don't tell mom, I had this talk with you, For in her eyes, you're still a prince, No matter what you do."

"But they say love is blind you know, And thank God that they're right, Cause if not I, don't know how mom, Could live through one more night."

"And when you leave, please shut my door So I won't hear mom cry, I love you dad, I love mom too, Goodnight dad, and goodbye."

"The man went down, picked up the phone, And made a call or two, He said, "I won't be there tonight. " "Our meetings are all through."

He took his wife and held her tight, Looked in her deep blue eyes, And told her he, did not think he, Would go out with the guys.

He made a silent promise then, As he realized one thing, Out of the mouths of babes there comes, The wisdom of a king.

by Bonnie McGill

Grandpa's Farm

Grandpa's Farm

Never dealt the kind of cards in life, You could call a winning hand, But he always felt he held an ace, With his dark rich black land.

Never minded all the hours he spent, With his back bent o'er the plow, For he always thought tomorrow'd bring, The things he didn't have right now.

Never did spend much time hurryin', And with age, his patience grew, He adored the sunshine on his face, And understood each breeze that blew.

One day I saw him on his porch, With his old dog by his side, As he gazed across his field of golden wheat, His eyes lit up with pride.

He said "The young folks nowadays, They're livin' much too fast, They're spendin' and they're running 'round, Ain't nothin' gonna last."

Why with all that gas they're burnin', Just lookin' for someplace to go, Many a field could be planted, And plenty a crop could grow.

While they're out there lookin' for the good life, It's sittin' right here at home, I don't know why they all feel the need, And the itchin' they have to roam.

Why when I was that age I had no time, To be runnin' the way they do, And your grandma n' me and this rich black land, Was the only world I ever knew.

And I wouldn't trade it for all the planes, And the cars and the trucks in the world, I've learned more 'bout livin' than they'll ever know, While turnin' my rich black furl.

"Get you a farm son when you settle down, And you'll be contented like me." When I looked up in my Grandpa's eyes, There were tears that I could see.

Well my Grandpa died that very year, And it nearly broke my heart, He left my daddy his rich black land, But he hated it from the start.

Couldn't wait to sell it so we moved away, My daddy, mamma and me, I still remember looking back the long lane, At the shady old maple tree.

That was nearly twenty years ago, Since the day when I was nine, And finally now my dream has come true, I bought that farm, and now it's mine.

My wife just loves that rickety old porch, Says we'll fix the place like new, And I just know we'll be happy there, Like an old man I once knew.

Sometimes when I'm out there working the fields, It feels just like he's there now, Working right along beside me, With his back bent over the plow.

I can hear his voice in the breezes, See his face glowing warm with the sun, It feels like he's trying to tell me, He knows now his work's finally done.

By: Bonnie McGill


The Stranger

Backdoors and alleys and the darkness of the night Are my escape when I'm feeling not so right, Mamma I didn't mean to let you down, I had to get mixed up with that wrong crowd. I could see the aching I was causing you But I'd gone too far and didn't know what to do

Then a stranger found me lying there, One night chilled to the bone I had stumbled out in the alley And fell down all alone. When I cried out "Oh God please help" "Don't leave me here to die." A stranger came out of nowhere With kindness in his eyes.

A stranger like none I'd ever known, He lifted me saying "Take it easy son." "I'll get you help before it's much too late." He took me for some food and then I ate.

I hadn't realized how cold it was, That's when I marveled at his dress because, He only wore a robe and sandals, And He wore a beard and shoulder fallen hair. He said,"Son, you'll never be alone again," Then I looked around and He was no longer there.

But I felt loved and I felt warm all over, And as I walked in the alley that I knew, I saw on the wall of stone freshly written, "MY SON JESUS DIED JUST FOR YOU!"

by Bonnie McGill

At A Bus Stop In The Rain

At A Bus Stop In The Rain

It was raining at the bus stop, A man sat on the bench, And with no rain coat on his back, In no time he was drenched.

He didn't seem to mind it though, No shelter did he seek, When I asked him if he was cold, He turned as if to speak.

The rain was teeming down his face, Especially near his eyes, But more than rain was pouring down, For I soon realized,

This man was torn with sorrow, And like a babe he cried, And in a moment you could tell, A part of him had died.

"My wife has gone to Tulsa; "She took my little boy." "I'm going there to find them, I'm bringing Joe this toy."

He held a tiny package, Protected from the rain. "She told me they'd be gone for good; They won't be back again."

" I know I never gave her much, Lord only knows I tried, I've got to go and get them back. Alone, I'm dead inside."

"I've got a real good job now, I've bought a new house too. When she finds out, she'll come back home, Both she and Joey too."

I couldn't think just what to say, So I let silence rule. I had no right to interfere, Curiosity's for fools.

I saw the bus approaching so, I fumbled for my fare, I folded my umbrella then, And combed my flattened hair.

I turned around to tell the man, Our bus was bout to board, In that same instance he was gone, And I was nearly floored.

Just he and I were waiting there, Now there was only me, I stepped up on the bus alone, Wondering how this all could be.

"All the way to Tulsa miss?" The driver did entreat, I answered," Yes." and numbly walked , Back till I found a seat.

The darkness hovered round me, Like a shadow from the past. And there across the aisle from me, The third seat from the last

Was one man sitting all alone, All soaking from the rain. He turned around and spoke to me, I heard the words again.

"My wife has gone to Tulsa. She took my little boy." "I'm going there to find them, I'm bringing Joe this toy."

I knew I must be dreaming, Or else I'd lost my mind. I had to get a closer look, And see what I could find.

I left my seat and moved to his, And deep inside I knew, When I got there, that he'd be gone, He'd vanished in the blue.

But then I noticed on the seat, All wrapped up with a bow, A tiny parcel, soaking wet, Addressed to little Joe.

I held it for the longest time, Trying hard to comprehend; I never moved or felt a thing, Until my bus trip's end.

The driver came back to my seat, Sensing something wasn't right, A knowing look was in his eyes, On that dark and rainy night.

He saw the parcel that I held, And took me by the hand, The luggage bin, he led me to, Hoping I might understand.

He opened it and there inside, A box was locked up tight. I watched him as he opened it, And wondered at the sight.

The box was filled up to the brim, With presents all aglow, And each and every one of them, Addressed to little Joe.

"This happens every now and then, Since on that fateful day, A woman and her little boy, Were going far away.

Her husband tried to plead with her, But she ignored his plight, Another man was waiting for her, On my bus that night."

The little boy cried to his mom, "Please, don't take me away. My daddy' will be all alone, Please with him, may I stay.?"

The other man said "Shut up kid, Your mom knows what is best." "And when my bus returned that night, Is when I learned the rest."

"The boy's dad stepped off my bus that night, And right into the street. As I drove off the rain came down, In hard and glassy sheets."

"They say he never saw the car, That took his life that night, Since then, I've tried to quit this job, And one day too, I might."

"But I keep thinking that young lad, May someday here return, And I've been saving this for him, Hoping in this box he'll learn,

That his dad never ever stopped, The love for him he had, And somehow he has chosen me To tell this to his lad."

"I'm sure a message lies inside, Each parcel that he brings." "I only know I'm sure it's love; Love conquers everything."

by Bonnie McGill

Debbie Lantz
Debbie Lantz  (about 7 years ago)

You are so gifted and blessed, Bonnie. This poem is amazing, as you are in all you do.