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Real Supporters

I wanna say Thank You To Every New Supporter every person who shares my music and also downloading my music I don't consider you fans I consider you real supporters THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really appreciate it SSG,BSE,TN88,FMN^^ IT'Z YUCKY THWAGG!

Are You Ready??

About A Million Fans Out There Screaming Ya Name Are You Ready?? You've Practiced Day's And Night's Over And Over Again Waiting For This Moment MSG New York City Bright Lights Everybody's Out Tonight To See You Shine In The Spotlight Are You Ready?? Mic In Hand ((PAUSE)) Any Fear You Have Rite Now Need To Take The Back Seat Listen To The Beat Sweaty Palms Life As You Want It Is Here Are You Ready Say Something In The Mic Just For A Mic Check Something Like Are Ya'll Ready!! The Crowd Goes Wild Once Again You Say Are Ya'll Ready!! Crowd Gets Even Louder Light Gets Brighter And The Time Is Now But The Only Thing Is ARE YOU READY??? THE ANSWER THAT IS YES I'M READY!!