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On to THE FINALS of Battle of the Bands!

We had a great time playing the Rocky Tonk last night for Battle of the Bands and now it's on to THE FINALS August 28. Thanks again to the owner Glenn, KBOY and the fine folks at 42 degrees for putting it on.

A big shout out as well to the guys and gal from Sweet Town Little (who came all the way from Brookings); they were a blast to hang with and had a great sound!

We're World Wide Baby!

Alright! Major Jones' new CD "Creature" is available and hitting shelves. The full album is now available at Amazon.com, on iTunes and Shazam. Give it a spin and let us know what you think. Rock on!

Major Jones' new CD "Creature" has arrived!

Jonesin' for some music? The CD is here! 9 fresh ripping songs for your pleasure plus re-mixed and re-mastered versions of the entire 6 song limited-release Ep . CD release party coming soon, TBA. The full CD will also be available on iTunes and Shazam in a few weeks, we'll let you know!

Battle of the Bands Round One

Thanks to KBOY and the Rocky Tonk for a fun night at Battle of the Bands. Great stage, great people and great venue. If you haven't been there yet definitely check it out! I guess the line dancing on weekends is off the hook (if that's your thing) For our part, we rocked the place and emerged victorious through round one! Good luck to all of the other bands.

Battle of the Bands

It's KBOY's Battle of the Bands competition! Major Jones is looking forward to playing this Wednesday night at the Rocky Tonk Saloon in Medford. Come out and support your favorite band!

Need heavy? Moth to a Flame is up!

Here's the second release from the new album "CREATURE". Crank it up!

Disclaimer: No Moths were injured or killed during the production of this song.

Creature is up!

All right, here it is! The title track off of the new album "CREATURE". Best played loud!

Pre-release of the title track from the new album.

The new CD is imminent and we're pre-releasing the title track "CREATURE". Turn it up and enjoy!

Music In Our Store

We have put all our recorded music up for sale in our ReverbNation store, and also hats and mugs. Click here: http://www.reverbnation.com/store/index/artist_800018 There you will find our two CDs, the new EP "What's Wrong With Us?" and our first CD, "Just Another Fix", as well as MP3 downloads of individual songs and ringtones. For a hard copy of our CDs and shirts, you may purchase these items at our gigs, or write us at MajorJones@BluejayProductions.com to place an order.


Kelly, Matt, and Travis

New Major Jones Merchandise!

Hey Major Jones Fans! We have new T-Shirts, stickers, and CDs for sale at our gigs! Remember the Major Jones star logo shirts? We've had a lot of requests for more, and they are back in all sizes for kids and adults. Pick one or two up at our next gig. And a big "Thanks" for supporting Major Jones!